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  • paulthetree paulthetree May 10, 2013 9:45 PM Flag



    How you interpret EGT moves, DEPENDS on the type of investor you are. I am a long term investor (initial investment is with a 3-5 year time frame), so I naturally look at these type of items differently than a trader.

    shutting down EGM seats in poor preforming venues have not help the top line.
    reverse split has not brought in institutional investors.
    selling the non core Dolphin Products was done at a lost.
    moving the gaming chips and plaques operations to Hong Kong was costly.
    opening casinos and slot halls may cost EGT the Naga World contract in 2016.

    It appears to me that these steps were not done Willy-nilly. I think it is all part of the "Successful Turnaround" plan. I don't believe EGT is shooting from the hip, I am inclined to believe they fit into "Over the past several years, the Company successfully completed a turnaround and repositioning" and it is still evolving. So I must ask myself; how do they fit together in a larger picture. My guess is they are part of the plan Mr. Chung mentioned about going after larger projects. Since I have been following EGT, Mr. Chung has accomplished what he has said he wanted to. I will not be surprised if additional steps are done which are detrimental short term, although I do not foresee any.

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    • I do agreed with the majorities of your statement. As LT Investor I look at the big picture, however; I was not on the CC and was not able to ask questions. During CC Mr. Chung did not spoke about future projects or current ones. Don't we have current project in Kampot next to the border of Vietnam. When is construction fully opertational? Don't we have another property next Vietnam border?
      If you review Naga contract with only received 27% profit from it, yes still $ but contract was not in our favor from the start. As the years approach when the contract expires I want EGT to build and operate 3 to 4 full casinos. So far we one full casino and one slothall casino. I want EGT to build one in Kampot ASAP and other one different property next to Vietnam.

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    • If he sticks to his word and accumulates for a few qtrs we can streghten our resources,, It wouldnt hurt to have more in the savings account to help deal w/ the upcoming Naga question.

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      • If we lose NAGA, imagine what our net profit and PPS would plummet to if we lost ALL of our highest revenue produicing machines (and a significant % of active inventory).

        At that point we would probably drop below 1.00 and get into touble with NASDAQ. Personally, I do not want to contemplate that thought until I see how these other venues produce when firing on all cylinders.

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