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  • onetrulyhonestman onetrulyhonestman Mar 19, 2013 1:26 AM Flag

    Fields59 will love this...

    ...recent research report!...but he'll have to search for it himself's titled:"Hyperion Pricing On Ravicti Will Test Premium For Convenience In Orphan Market" ...

    ...allow me to quote:

    "Valeant does not provide the annual cost but said the drug’s annual gross sales are about $30 million." that is the annual revenue derived from buphenyl -- ravicti's "competition"...

    ...bear in mind that HPTX WON'T be able to charge more for ravicti since reimbursers won't pay more for something that has only demonstrated "non-inferiority -- that's the case for ravicti per HPTX ...

    ...CONSEQUENTLY the most you can expect from ravicti is30 million in REVENUE..., another quote:

    "Asked about the gross to net figure, Hyperion senior management declined to be specific but said Medicaid rebates would be 23% and that 40% of urea cycle disorder patients are on Medicaid." that?...FORTY PER CENT of the patients are on medicaid and receive substantial discounts which cuts into what? got it!...PROFIT MARGIN!!...HAW!!! wonder "senior management declined to be specific"!...HAW!... EVEN IF HPTX manages to garner as much as 30 million in revenues, it still won't mean SQUAT as to how much they get to take home!... I said before, there was a REASON Medicis sold ravicti to HPTX for a ONLY 10 million bucks!...

    ...and next year, at the HPTX annual BAGHOLDER meeting, guess what I look forward to doing?!...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!...

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    •!...that's a great find, "trulyhonestman"!...thank you for helping expose this company for the SCAM that it TRULY is!!!...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

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      • Welcome back rrtzrealmd! I am a little sad though that you've been reduced to posting under pseudonyms and then replying to your own posts. But you do seem to be a good luck charm for HPTX - up another ~5% today for a total of 28% since you started posting here on Feb 4, and ~140% since the brighter among us bought immediately post-IPO. So thanks for that! A few substantial points in reply to your post:
        - HPTX will own Buphenyl within a few months, so they'll be able to control pricing and there is nothing preventing them from selling Buphenyl at close to what they will charge for Ravicti
        - the number of patients on treatment will likely increase now that there is an alternative to Buphenyl, which is very poorly tolerated.

        Like I said, it's much more fun when you're around. Welcome back!

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