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  • kerfinator kerfinator Feb 20, 2007 9:20 PM Flag

    Wake me after 1 insider buy (30K shares min)

    When will this happen?

    Price near 52 week low...signed with LG (one of the biggest cell phone makers in the world)....warehouses being built as we speak....

    when will they see the value in the stock price? I'm waiting until a 30K buy goes has to, right?

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    • You must copy and paste my postings in Word documents and save and file them....

      I know you arn't searching, cutting and pasting my old Yahoo postings each and every time you post the "kerf-isms" into your responses (which is about every day).

      Obviously I am striking a nerve with you...I take that as a complement....thanks !! cool.

    • That's pretty funny. Kerfinator is as ignorant as one can get when it comes to the handset distribution business. Here are a couple of gems from a guy who had already supposedly invested his hard-earned money in IFON. This is the epitome of "master due diligence." lol

      Clueless Kerf #1

      All I know is.... (Not rated) 24-Dec-06 01:15 pm
      that IFON missed last quarter's earnings because of some "infastructure in Mexico"...for some warehouse or something. Again they are as clear as mud when describing these expenses. And, yes as I'm sure you are aware, the stock did tank 30% because of this miss.

      And I have yet to figure out why they even need a warehouse??? Again, that's how clear their business model is....where is this warehouse? What is it going to be used for?

      And even if they did, why is a multi-million dollar expensive warehouse even a necessary expense?....I could store THOUSANDS of handsets just in my two car garage.

      Clueless Kerf #2

      "The facility will be used for assembly, testing, warehousing and logistics of products for Mexico as well as other Latin American markets"

      This means nothing to me...

      "Assembly" - what are they assembling? As far as I know, the phones are assembled when they come from the manufacturer.

      "Testing" - what do they need to test in a warehouse? In fact, what do they "test" at all. Are they testing the phones that they purchase to see if they are defective?

      "Warehousing" - Generic mean nothing term.

      "Logistic of Products" - again, what does this mean? and why is a warehouse necessary for this. I can't even begin to describe what "logictic of products" is and why Infosonics is getting revenue for this task.

      And this jackass has the nerve to berate others for not doing research?

    • what us sales, 1 glam phone to b_fag? lol

    • bring bankrupt crap to the us..might as well jump off a bridge, crap bus plan for sure

    • Iggy.


    • And since....competition is more intense AND products have been delayed even I would expect their US sales to decrease even more.

    • Don't you have anything better to do than post retarded comments on this message board? Stop cluttering the fact that VeryKool is now heading to the U.S., and that 07 is going to be a very nice year for IFON the stock.

    • I'm hoping that the "infastructure" in Mexico for the Disney line will pay off this quarter. Let the fork lifts roll 24/7 in that warehouse moving pallet after pallet of Disney phones.

      I better hear the hydraulics lifting, reverse signal those phones are loaded on truck after truck...

      I'm sure that is happening right now.

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