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  • wallst360 wallst360 Mar 16, 2012 4:46 PM Flag


    This company is more likely to go BK.

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    • Maybe they're not buying because they already own it all, (30%).

      That's (3) times the float.
      Or (300%) Times the float. That's a lot
      Without the float, Ifon would sink.
      Might ask, why is the Book value $1.34)
      And ask, Where's (Shorty??).

    • Nice sleepy...

      wallst, I hear your arguments, but the progress that IFON is making undermines your arguments as to how it can compete, and your example of RIMM is offbase. RIMM used to have a monopoly on enterprise cell phones, but with iphone's ability to push mail, etc., RIMM faced its first competition and apparently has lost. IFON's markets are entirely different and they are not competing with the likes of Apple or anyone else at the top end of the smart phone market. And, yes, to drive verykool sales up to $8.5MM from $3MM 12 mos. earlier is impressive growth.

      but in any event, my original comment was in response to yours that IFON will go BK...with $14MM on the books, available credit lines and only a loss of $370k last quarter, we're talking about what...another 12 or more years before IFON becomes insolvent, assuming stagnant sales? Do you really think you sound intelligent posting concerns about the bankruptcy of a company that is 12 years off at its current burn rate? Come on, I don't know what you're agenda is, but your posts started as ludicrous and now they're ranging into angry and bizarre.

    • LOL...moron. Have you read the balance sheet? This co. is swimming in cash. That's not its problem...its about making a promise on its new business. Understand a company before you make such outlandish statements.

    • a4 heery ramy buyer huge wen M@M hulk out competey. git all you kan befory gap da giddys

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