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  • wallst360 wallst360 Mar 16, 2012 5:55 PM Flag


    Do you have any knowledge of the industry, you idiot?
    Let me ask you one simple question.
    Let's say you walk in into a stored anywhere in the planet and you want to buy a cell phone; you see verykool, Nokia, Samsung. Motorola, LG , and they all have the same identical prices, which one would you buy?
    The uncertainty is obvious. Are you smarter than the market? That's why the market is left. This pos for dead.

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    • Stay on topic, moron.

      You said the company is likely to go bk, an outlandish much so you're not willing to defend, but now want to try a different tack.

      So, let's see...if your theory is correct, i.e., all verykool phones are the same price as and sold through the same outlets as samsung, nokia, etc. So, if you're implied argument (no one will buy a verykool when they can buy an name brand for the same price), well then infosonic cannot sell the verykool phones...






      oh, but wait, sales of verykool have gone from under $3MM/qtr to $8.5MM/qtr, this past qtr. How is that possible? How can all clueless buyers be buying verykool phones when they can just buy samsungs, or nokias, or mot phones at the same price? What is going on? simply have no clue. Just give up.

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      • First of all, you need to take good look at the mirror and you will know what a true moron looks like.
        I don't think you can even comprehend, STAY ON TOPIC?
        Rather than viciously attacking, name-calling out of anger, trying to face the fact, that this company is continuing to show losses.
        Q4 is one of the industry is strongest quarter, yet this POS had another loss. Do you think it would show profit in Q1? I think you know the answer to that. It would have 30% revenue decline on the branded product. Don't you think that the pathetic explanation of the margin eroding is telling you something fishy is going on? Cell phone prices are on the decline worldwide, and VERYKOOL is going to emerge as a brand? Look at the shares of research in motion (RIMM), the stock drop from $64-$ part of competition is on the rise. You need to do some serious research about the industry. Instead of hoping for a miracle. The street is simply A function of supply and demand.
        They can't even keep their head above the water in the industry. The margin is in your eroding, the cash, is eroding that creates the underlying condition for bankruptcy.
        My question was not A theory. It's A fact when someone wants to buy a cell phone, they would rather buy well-known and respected brand like, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, rather than some unproven VERYKOOL brand, specially when they all have a identical price. Perhaps you want to visit their Facebook to see the amount of complains that people have from the product. BK is written all over this POS And if I were you I would be heading for the exit before it's too late.

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