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  • hopeful200 hopeful200 Nov 7, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

    day after shake out

    I'm trying to get some at .80....on the bid....any takers?

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    • Hi hopeful, I regret not buying this when I looked at it several times in the last few months based on your mention.

      The latest earnings release sure got my attention though.

      I see you are willing to buy at 80cents. Do you expect IFON to be able to keep growing sales over the next year and where might the stock be in about a year or so? Their earnings release didn't exactly have a ton of info in it.

      PS:....I bought a little QCCO lately though not sure if it will ever move up. Sort of another hated business.

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      • Uptab,
        My only mild concern at this low price level is over IFON's listing situation. It needs to trade over a buck for the requisite period. IMO, it liquidation worth justifies that alone......but the improving performance offers significant support for that justification. We'll see.

      • Hey, pal. I have not looked a QCCO before....but will now.

        IFON did not elaborate on the future. That may be giving some pause.

        I rebuilt a position in the .50s and low .60s......and actually planned to sell in the .80s. I rebuilt simply because once again it got so far below its liquidation value.

        This report bolstered my optimism some, though. As several have aptly pointed out, IFON not only remains well below its probable liquidation value, but has revealed the first evidences through this report yesterday of a pattern of improving operating performance. The VeryKool name seems to be gaining traction and some recent good external reviews. Additionally, the US remains as new turf, albeit very competitive turf, but one from which IFON may carve a pretty unique niche market. IMO, it's worth the risk for me to add a bit at .80 rather than unload. Some long-timers are ready and willing to sell if they can just get even.....and that often happens when the tide finally turns. It's too early to tell, IMO, but the report yesterday again shows the company doing some right things. It would not take much to make a .90 tag go from appearing "high" to appearing "dirt cheap," IMO. It's been a long time since IFON has done anything....but it appears to have successfully created a brand name, after all the years, IMO.


    • My subject line should be interpreted that today is a shake-out the day after our big run yesterday. To the basher who says back to .50, I assume you would be glad to sell me your shares at .80? I'm on the bid...thank you.

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