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  • blue_xxxxx blue_xxxxx Dec 20, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    IFON, Nasdaq Co., 9M float, No Debt, profitable.. insiders hold 30% shares

    IFON, Nasdaq Co., 9M float, No Debt, profitable.. insiders hold 30% shares

    1) Nasdaq company

    2) Q3 revenue 9.87 million dollars.

    3) Net profit 340,000 dollars.

    4) NO DEBT

    5) Float 9 million, O/S 14 million, A/S 40 million.

    6) Shares Held by All Insider and 5% Owners: 30%

    7) Exclusive distribution agreement with NYSE company Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE:IM). News out

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      Who is Scared of the Growth of Pre-Paid Plans?

      By: John Althoff
      10-15-2013 @ 12:28 PST | verykoolTeam

      [b]Did you know that since the year 2008, [u]58% of the new cellular phone activations in the USA were made through “pre-paid” plans with no contracts[/u]?
      Sara Kaufman, a market analyst for Ovum, an independent research firm, recently stated: “It’s a dramatic change in how customers in the United States are buying wireless (devices).”

      Prepaid Services are well-known in developing markets and, in fact, were responsible for the rapid expansion of cell phones throughout the world more than fifteen years ago. (Refer to an article I wrote earlier in 2013 for the verykool Blog.

      With “Pre-Paid” service plans, consumers typically pay the full cost of the phone up-front, and do not commit themselves to a 2-year contract where, over the long-term, they would end up paying far more for their new handset.

      This takes us back to my initial question: Who’s scared of the Growth of Pre-Paid Plans? It turns out Apple is!!! You see, Apple has been enjoying an exceptionally comfortable position in the market with the iPhone. Not only has Apple been reaping a large profit margin on iPhone sales to the network operators, but, in the USA, Apple has been extracting additional fees from the operators for the privilege to sell the iPhone to their customers who sign-up for two-plus year contracts!

      Investors and analysts took for granted Apple’s ability to extract large profits from the highly competitive handset market in the USA. Apple’s investors were duly rewarded for exerting their market power, relishing the meteoric rise of Apple’s shares traded in the stock market.

      However, the tide is beginning to change. Apple is beginning to lose their grip because consumers have decided that they prefer to take control of their monthly expenses and their phone purchases. The Pre-Paid Plans are very attractive becau

    • IFON 4 million volume coming

    • IFON 20 dollars stock

    • Assets decreasing and negative cash flow over doubled. GOING Bankrupt!

    • IFON's new distributor Ingram Micro Mobility NYSE company

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      • IFON USA distributor Ingram Micro (NYSE:IM) is the worlds largest distributor (iPhone distributor outside USA)

        SAN DIEGO, Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- InfoSonics Corporation (NASDAQ: IFON) today announced that it had entered into a non-exclusive Distribution Agreement with Ingram Micro Mobility (formerly Brightpoint, Inc.), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE: IM).

        "We are very pleased to enter into this agreement with Ingram Micro Mobility to distribute our verykool® phones in the United States," said Joseph Ram, InfoSonics president and chief executive officer. "We view this as a win-win scenario for both parties in which InfoSonics will gain access to Ingram Micro Mobility's vast distribution network to carriers, retail and on-line customer channels and Ingram Micro Mobility is able to expand its product offerings to include the verykool® family of competitively priced and innovative products."

    • IFON insiders hold 31.57% of shares .. total 4,602,350 shares


      As of April 18, 2013, there were 14,184,146 shares of common stock outstanding. The following table sets forth certain information as of that date with respect to the beneficial ownership of common stock by each (i) Named Executive Officer, (ii) director and nominee for director, and (iii) all current executive officers and directors as a group. Other than Mr. Ram, there is no other person known by us to be the beneficial owner of more than 5% of our outstanding shares of common stock.

      Name and Address of Beneficial Owner
      Number of
      Owned (1) Percent of
      Class (1)

      Named Executive Officers

      Joseph Ram (also a Director)

      3636 Nobel Drive, Suite 325

      San Diego, California 92122
      4,320,625 (2) 30.20 %

      Vernon A. LoForti

      3636 Nobel Drive, Suite 325

      San Diego, California 92122
      161,875 (3) *


      Randall P. Marx

      3636 Nobel Drive, Suite 325

      San Diego, California 92122
      33,350 (4) *

      Robert S. Picow

      3636 Nobel Drive, Suite 325

      San Diego, California 92122
      43,250 (5) *

      Kirk A. Waldron

      3636 Nobel Drive, Suite 325

      San Diego, California 92122
      43,250 (6) *

      All current executive officers and directors as a group (5 persons)
      4,602,350 (7) 31.57 %

    • It is a "non-exclusive agreement" but that does not restrict the size of the distribution network opened to IFON.

    • IFON, Nasdaq Co., 9M float, No Debt, profitable.. insiders hold 30% shares

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