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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 6, 2001 9:44 AM Flag

    Bear Market & Extremely ovesold conditi

    extremely oversold conditions have this short lived rally. Fundamentals do matter in bear market. Follwing will definately breakdown & short pro's have lot of patience:
    CIEN like the rest BRCM,JNPR,SEBL.EMC, BRCD & so on .....
    all the bad news but we still rally that is extremely oversold conditions.

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    • 10 years of economic growth & biggest bubble in equities created in wallstreet history & one should make sense out of this . When the bubbles burst ...they take down very good companies along with it. I am not emotional neither in love with my holdings , I act long or short on any of holdings depending on the situation. You would have protected your long position without selling your holding in short selling againgst your holding in the 150's or so & today you would have closed that position without touching your core holding & would be laughing to the bank. Use all the weapons available to you...that is wall street. Do you know what COllar is?

    • As long as you can keep guessing right all the time your'e in great shape.

      Only you know how many times youve guess wrong and what losses offset your gains. I don't expect anyone to be forthcoming about that kind of information on this board

      If you are one of the rare (lucky) few who guess right more often than not - my congratulations

      I'm not playing a short term game. I don't need to

      anyway - best of luck

    • let me tell you something more..I had QCOM @$4.00 on split basis & sold it @$150 & than bought @$54 & sold @77 & now waiting to buy again. Now when you say your cost is $4.00 & you don't care than you are not doing justice to your self Pal. VRTS high was $172 & now @$66 you figure it out?To me VRTS will go to 30's first before it can go into 100's & that's my call...thank you for your concern though. Good Luck

    • I really, really like it when shorts start using the word 'patience'.

      Usually the term 'patience' is associated with long term strategy

      Here it indicates that the time is running out on short positions