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  • dclandscapedesign dclandscapedesign Aug 28, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    RAGING BULL WHERE ARE YOU, hahahahah I loaded up more at .09 .14

    I been holding and buying more since last OCTOBER, LONG AND STRONG WILL PAY OFF HUGE

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    END OF YEAR you will be rewarded!

    2014 could hit $2.00 per share! watch and learn

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Don't know if you noticed there manurespreader but the end of the year is here, you've lost 93% so far

    • So you paid $1.00 a share and have been averaging down ever since, and it keeps going down...atta boy

    • well?

    • Ahhhh, end of year is upon ya, 4th quarter is here, where are you? Still fecalizing about this horrible loser of a garden supply company. Wonder where all these shares are coming from???? Shares were authorized a while back, not saying their dumping them on you, but not saying they're not either.

      Your buying and holding since last year when the stock pps was at $1.00, how's that working for ya?

    • thebigmonkey Oct 2, 2013 2:37 PM Flag

      I'll have to agree

    • DC and ragingbullblood.......if you can't play nice i'm taking away your key boards for a week.......we all have the same make money on this stock.....stay focus on the goal and not your libido.

      DC....I know you are from Pequannock and probably are probably familiar with the van vughts, van verdes ,and van wyngaardens..........they are all multi-millionares and have been in the business of growing various products for over 50 years....they are hard working and successful............and I agree with you...they are turning this company around and have the resources to do it...that being said...going back and forth with ragingbullblood is not going to help potential new investors...stick to the game plan....your reward will be in the stock appreciation over time.

      ragingbullblood....I don't know you but bashing DC on this board will not help the cause either....if your goal is to bash this stock and others....then cash out and move on.....if I'm wrong and your are committed to this company.....print added value and not trash...wz

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Their you go again Manurespreader, screaming, ranting and raving, waving your lottery ticket around, telling everybody your a millionaire, billionaire, whatever.

      I remember when the stock pps was at .77 cents and you were running around all the message boards spamming them with your hysterics. Now here are are at 12 cents, a complete collapse, and here we go again.
      Now get out their and trim them damn bushes and spread some manure in the flower beds, their manurespreader.

      Oh yeah, I've been busy making money hand over fist at OPK. Check out 90 day chart, 6 month, 1 year, take your pick, killing it.


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      • This is true. He claims to have been adding all year, and probably will say his average is 7cents, when he was buying at the dips in the mid 50s and 60s and probably even higher. He claimed last year that in a year this would be at a dollar, need about 92 more cents for that to happen. I got some shares in this, but am relatively new to investing and this by far was my worst investment. It was a mistake, which I learned from. It may pan out or it may not, but I certainly wouldn't be writing on this board waving my pom-poms like a maniac for a year when all it has done is steadily decline. Sorry to rag on you DC but you are really, really annoying, even to people who hope this turns around.

      • hahahhaa thats funny dude

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