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  • krunch0002 krunch0002 May 14, 2002 1:37 PM Flag

    Conference Call

    >SEATTLE--(BW HealthWire)--May 14, 2002-- Corixa Corporation (Nasdaq:CRXA - News), will hold a live conference call/webcast to discuss the company's first quarter financial results and provide an update on select programs. Earnings will be announced in a press release on Wednesday, May 15 before U.S. financial markets open

    "Select programs" whats the bet that this can be translated as

    "any one of our 'clinical' candidates, except for the only one that you really want to hear about..... Bexxar."

    I thought i might list some other translations for the conference call, just so there is no confusion...

    "We decline to comment on the staus of Bexxar at this time due to the fact that we are working on some final details"
    We have no idea what we are doing with this one and stop asking me about Bexxar, its begining to depress me.

    "Information on Bexxar will be available soon"
    Give me time to dump my ESP's and exersize my options before this one tanks

    "We are revising or target for profitability"
    Layoffs are around the corner

    "We are working closely with GSK to determine the future of Bexxar"
    GSK is pretty pissed off and will probably pull the plug on us soon, increasing our cost of development.

    "We have a broad and deep pipeline"
    its a pity that alot of it is licensed to other companies for minimal royalties, years away from approval, mostly of low value and we dont have the cash to develop it anyway.

    "We are happy to have secured additional financing"
    Sorry we had to pull the trigger on a very dilutive financing, but there are bills to pay and salaries to maintain. This is an expensive business you know.....

    "We are working closely with the FDA"
    For some reason the FDA does not like me and i have no idea why, kinda reminds me of my spouse in many ways.....

    "we are very excited about the future"
    I am getting some great offers from my headhunters, i hope the CRXA legacy does not follow me around like a bad smell.

    "Unfortunatly we can not provide a definative timetable for the potential launch of Bexxar"
    >this one is actually true and needs no translation

    "We are perplexed by the drop in our share price"
    I cant believe its still as high as it is... if only you knew what i know...

    "We are ready to move to the next stage"
    firesale of assets in a few months

    "please be patient"
    you have been a sucker for this long, whats a few more months going to matter?

    "My extensive exprience in biotech leads me to believe......"
    I have no idea what you are talking about so let me change the subject

    hopefully this will clear up a few things for you when Gillis has his conference call.

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    • Virtually all of your "translations" fit under free speech and are no more inappropriate than pumping. Your one comment about the FDA not liking him reminds him of his wife crossed a line. Unless you have some personal information about Gillis' wife you have no right to make that statement. People have been prosecuted succesfully for making posts like that. Bash management all you want, the lack of information has been concerning. Tomorrow we have been promised information, good or bad, we know your opinion in advance. Good luck to all, it should be an interesting day.

      • 2 Replies to patientone_us
      • patientone:

        I'm sure we would all appreciate the legal citations on the successful prosecutions for " making statements like that". We await your response although I have allowed for the delay inherent in assembling so many different cases for our consideration.

      • I thought it was so funny and so exactly what they do that I laughed until it hurt. This company spins and polishes its news until it is almost undecipherable. That is the obvious intent and I don't like or respect it at all. I finally got my annual report, that had to be the most rosy, corporate-speak-saying-nothing, pr, hype, bullcrap corporate annual report I've ever seen. The only saving grace was that the SEC 10-K (as opposed to the report booklet) was far more detailed and clear and had a lot more of the real story.

        The part about the FDA and Gillis's spouse having the same (negative) attitude was obvious satiric humor, part of a longer document of such, and no one is going to think twice about it. Speaking of senses of humor, have you tracked yours down yet?

        Also, speaking of libelous statements, how is your gambling problem? Have you sought help yet or are you going to wait until you crap out in the NASDAQ casino? Hoping you didn't gamble away the dog's food money, only my analysis and opinions, be well.

    • This is a most intelligent post and the epitome of IR speak at which Corixa excels.
      The press release means they will not update on Bexxar.
      I find the leakage of news before the conference call appalling.Insiders know soemthing and have leaked it pure and simple.

    • looks like any of your translations are getting real. and i don�t like it