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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Dec 6, 2004 11:45 AM Flag

    Don't Buy Dogs; Buy Good Stocks

    Like MSFT. LSI is for losers and old men.

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    • There was a sea captain in the 1700's who was brave and courageous. He was a real man's man. One day while standing on the bow searching the horizon, he spied a pirate ship. He immediately turned to the first mate and requested his red shirt. They engaged the pirate ship in battle and sunk it quickly. After the battle the ship crew asked the first mate why the captain had asked for a red shirt. The first mate explained that he wore a red shirt in case he was wounded. That way the crew would not lose heart and would continue to fight. The crew all marveled at what a brave captian they had.

      The next day the captain spied 10 pirate ships off his bow. He turned to his first mate and said, "Get my brown pants."

      Morale of the story.......Shorts keep your brown pants handy.

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      • 15 year old kid was out duck hunting. He shot a duck and it rolled off a barn roof and hit the ground. He was just about to pick up the duck, when an old 85 year old farmer came out of the barn and said, thats my duck. The kid said, no way old man, I shot the duck. The old man said, that's my barn, my land and my duck. The kid argued. So the old man said ok, lets settle this old boy fashion, we'll have a contest and who ever wins the contest can keep the duck. The kid asked, what's the contest?

        The old man said we'll kick each other in groin and the guy who doesn't go to his knees can keep the duck.

        The kid looks at the old guy and says, your on old man. The old man says. I'll go first. The old man spins around and with a kick like a mule, lifts the kid off the ground with a kick square in the gonads. The kid turns blue, and while holding his balls, is trying to keep from passing out and going to his knees. After several minutes he finally catches his breath straightens up and says, OK old man, its my turn.

        The old man looks and the kids as says," Ah hell, keep the duck.

        morale...Shorts are about to get kick in the groin.

    • if you think LSI is for Losers and old men, and presumably, you are a winner and young kid, why are you still staying on this board?