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  • gadzillionman gadzillionman Nov 26, 2007 8:34 PM Flag

    W T F

    where's the f#@#$%n bottom, solid company, good fundamentals, I'LL be a buyer to lower my cost basis of 10.38,just haven't seen good support level!! anybody else waiting to buy ?

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    • "where's the f#@#$%n bottom, solid company, good fundamentals" That's where are you wrong!!! Dead wrong. And you are paying the price. And will continue to do so.

      Tell me one thing. Where do you think they're going to find growth and more revenue? That's why they bought Agere. Result? Miserable failure. Overpaid by at least 10 times. They can buy that company now and pay pennies to the dollar.

      Good luck in dollar cost averaging. But I would really wait until it his 4 before you do that.

      This is going to be a classic example of throwing good money away. Instead of getting out and investing with a MORE promising company, you just keep chasing it down.

      This reminds me of PanAM.... People chased it down to bankruptcy.

      Do you really think that this company has good fundamentals? Do you really think that all of Wall ST. is stupid and can't see this?

      You are wrong with this company. Accept it. Accepting it doesn't mean you are loser. It means you are smart and didn't invest with your heart and with your pride.

    • under five , we start to buy

    • I just don't know why LSI is trading at this low price. I have worked for this company many years...We bought the company shares (just for LSI employees) at $10, $9....and recently one at $7.07/shares. However, it is at $5.55. I don't see anything wrong with the company, and we will have good news releasing to the publics very soon, honestly. LSI Inc. book value is roughly $6.38/share. I just share what I know about LSI. $$$ is yours. Make your own decision. Good luck all.

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