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  • sbdccmtc sbdccmtc Jul 2, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    LSI- loves passive and meek investors

    The message board reflects the type of investors loved by LSI. Meek, quiet, and scared...unable to do or demand anything from Tallywhacker and his Board...just sit back and take it...underperfoamnce, big CEO bonuses, repricing of stock options for Tallywhacker and his team, ..all at the shareholders expense... anyone out there willing to hold mgt. team responsible ?

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    • Looks like you have some problems with the CEO. If you don't like the stock, sell and move on. There are Maybe 5 people reading this board... what are you trying to accomplish by posting here?

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      • Trying to get some activity going so if nothing least the investor relations guy who watches and monitors the boards and blogs can pass a message to Tallywhacky...that his underperfomance and failure to reward shareholders is being noticed... btw: they will miss the eps this quarter also..already trying to buy more time as always... always in the future... always next qtr. next product cycle....meanwhile please gimme gimme..bonus, stock options and extend my employment contract so I can continue to do nothing and milk this cow...what a pos...

    • LSI stock is almost 80% owned by institutions. Good luck with leading the shareholder revolt from the Yahoo message board.

    • Well, they have a self perpetuating BOD and I don't own enough shares to vote them out. The company keeps giving the BOD more shares and they keep voting themselves re-election and they keep Mr. Excitement Talltalker in charge. Believe me, I vote all my shares against them but that's like spitting into the wind. And when one of the old fa-ts retires, the self perpetuating remaining board members sure aren't going to appoint someone that actually represents the shareholder's interest. Good luck to you!

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