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  • Do a scan on RPC, I bought it at 10 it will explode, give me
    your input, and make some money.

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    • I can't scan for individual companies. Instead my search produces the top stocks based on search criteria that I enter. RPC looks good, however.

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      • Baronn, Thanks for some very informative post.
        I have not tried the program you site but a program that quite simular and much cheaper is the one you can get from investor alliance. Its only $92.00 per year and you can update your data by modem, they will send you a CD with the program. However this is a long distance call in most cases. They also provide a lot of other good services. You guys and gals might want to request more information at this address.

        Investors Alliance
        219 commercial Blvd.
        Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33308-4440
        their toll free number is 1-888 683 1181

        They claim to be a national nonprofit (sort of like my investing) educational association to help individual investors.
        For info only,no connection with their organization.
        Also agree with stockmine on not replying to the people who are in desperate need of attention.

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