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  • lsi4ever lsi4ever Oct 14, 1998 11:15 AM Flag

    Barely made it

    In case you care, probably don't, but I made it through the layoffs. Moral is bad today.

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    • Recognizing that things may appear grim down
      there, life in Gresham is finally starting to look up.
      There were only superficial cuts here. The large
      capacity reduction should mean we can ramp up the new fab.
      Now as to whether or not it will be cost effective...

      Keep Posting
      -still here in Oregon

    • I said a few weeks ago that intel signed an
      aliance with kodak. IBM also just came out with chip for
      cell phones. Why can't LSI work on deals of this
      nature? The wave of the future will see appliances able
      to communicate with each other ect. with emmbedded
      chips. Will LSI ever exploit the market with their
      excellent technology? We all know the potential is there
      but the competition is fierce. Good luck to all

    • Am sorry to hear that the cuts were so deep. But
      glad that you made it. Really appreciate the posts
      that you and Snarkle_99 have provided. Hope you both
      continue to post with us.

      I have been monitoring
      the Micron (MU) board for the past few weeks just to
      get some alternate views. They have a mix of
      professional traders and long term investors on that board who
      have been with MU for years. While there is a
      diversity of opinion (some are long, others short), the
      consensus seems to be that they feel the Semi industry is
      improving. This view is consistent with the Intel results

      Therefore, I was really surprised to see
      the LSI cut go as deep as 17%. In my career, I have
      lived through a few cutbacks myself -- but all were
      less than 8% and that was depressing enough. Guess I
      was just lucky. Here's hoping that the optimists on
      the MU board are correct and things turn up



    • does anyone know about the plant closures in fort
      collins (symbios) co. have some family that work there
      from testing to engineering and would appreciate any
      news, especially since two of them are on honeymoon
      right now, what a bummer to come home to and need to
      rely info. to them. thanks,

    • I am one that is happy you survived. Your posts
      have been extremely relevant and helpful, and your
      participation on the board very professional. Thanks for your

      Being a survivor of a different
      industry, I know the trauma it causes.

      All the
      published moves seem to make solid business sense.
      Unfortunately, mergers usually result in significant
      reorganizations and decimation. It looks like LSI is not
      hesitating to take the tough road and make the tough
      decisions. That should be positive in the long run.

      I have been interested in how the news has been
      distributed. The first set of articles have not even taken the
      time to integrate the merger into the action. They
      address the firings without informing the public of the
      essentially solid performance underlying the numbers.
      Interesting. Perhaps the press no longer cares about
      information, only sensation.

      Best wishes

      ol' desert rat

    • > In case you care, probably don't, but I made
      it through the layoffs. <

      - must come as a relief I would guess.

      Moral is bad today <

      I can

      You should see what it feels like over here at LSI in
      the UK - we know there are probably going to be
      redundancies, but how many or who we don't find out for up to
      30 DAYS, they told us earlier today.

      Cool -
      we have to wait up to 30 days before we know if we
      are keeping our jobs or not...

      (All thanks to
      the wonderful EU and their employment

      Ho hum.

      BTW - all those who were
      demanding layoffs to boost the stock price, I sure hope you
      are happy now...

      • 1 Reply to snarkle_99
      • Historically, this has been one of the best run
        companies in the Silicon Valley. More so if you look behind
        the "numbers" and consider how they treat their
        employees. This was a difficult decision without question.
        As a long term investment this is still a sound
        choice. They just have too much to offer in the way of
        Intellectual Property and associated products - hang in

        This ( layoffs etc.)is not the act of a condemned
        company walking to the death chamber, but rather the
        continuing dance of one "player" who knows how not only to
        survive, but to thrive during difficult times.

    • Lsi4ever .....

      Good for you. Glad to hear
      you made it. Layoffs always suck. 17% is pretty deep.
      Which departments got hit the worst ? I assume that HR,
      Accounting, and Purchasing took the brunt of it. Were any
      projects cancelled as a result of this, and if so what is
      the impact to the R&D efforts.

      Hope your day
      gets better.

      -David W.

    • Layoffs are supposed to be announced today. Here in colo. they havent even started the meeting. How did you manage to get this information before anyone else?

    • of course we care. Keep up the good work. Keep in touch. Glad
      you made it.

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