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  • BumbleB572 BumbleB572 Oct 17, 2000 2:46 PM Flag


    Its always hard to try to find the exact bottom
    of a stock, but I think we are definately near the
    bottom as of now, so if you are a proponent of this
    company it may be a good buy for you now, if you are a

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    • Yeah Right get real!!! ....bottoms are relative
      and if the market has not bottomed, why has LSI? I
      see DOW under 10,000 and Nasdaq under 3,000 before
      any bottom will have been

      only another one of many analysts

      Dumped my LSI at 28.75 on friday for major loss & will
      be back at 20-22 range

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      • You say::
        > Dumped my LSI at 28.75 on
        friday for major loss & will be back at 20-22 range

        Did you know that unless you buy after 31 days you
        sold your LSI shares you can not claim any of your
        losses to IRS?! Therefore you are betting that in 31
        days or more LSI will be trading in the

        Well to that I say Good Luck because you are going to
        need it.

        May my farts be your savior in trying
        to be a smart-ass and timing the market!

      • Ah, value is a funny thing, I bought today at 26

        If you think that all stocks have to follow the
        indexes you should probably be all cash and bonds in your
        portfolio. Intel, Micron, AMD are all down, if LSI shows
        that it is falling behind then it has further down to
        go, however if next tuesday the earnings come out on
        or above target, and if they continue to advise
        analysts that they are on track for the next few Q's, then
        I expect we will see a significant bounce.

    • Markets are recovering here. LSI to close above $26 today.

93.96+0.10(+0.11%)Sep 26 4:02 PMEDT