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  • MYSONSDAD_96 MYSONSDAD_96 Dec 1, 2000 5:02 PM Flag

    michael murphy newsletter

    The last time LSI was down here I loaded up. It
    proceeded to go up over 100 and split. Unfortunately I was
    selling share as it went up. Keep the faith it is a good
    company. I just hope they can fill orders for PS2 and get
    receivables on the books. I am loading up again but feel the
    bottom is eluding us. Any ideas on this?

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    • Tough to know where the bottom is here. I think
      the absolute bottom would be about 12, which would be
      1.5 times book or about 1 times next years sales. I'm
      not saying it will hit that. I just wish that the
      would have warned or gave cautionary guidance. Look at
      Altera. They warned about zero growth, the stock tanked
      to below 20 and is now back higher than before it
      warned, with the bad news priced in already. Any growth
      above zero now will give the stock a pop. LSI will fall
      further if their growth is even a penny below estimates,
      because everyone dreads what news is ahead. They will
      certainly make this quarter, but I would hold off buying
      more until their cc in January. That's where the shoe
      will fall for sure if they refuse to bite the bullet