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  • lander45029 lander45029 May 4, 2010 4:35 PM Flag

    Once they scoop it comes Voraxial


    to separate the goooy mess. How fast can they build the machines?

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    • how is it that the company doesn't know if the equipment being loaded on a ship to help with the clean up, is in fact their equipment? something doesn't smell right, i'm going out on the limb and say this company has the rights to sell the equipment as do other companies and they're a broker hoping to get a gov't contract?

    • I just question the reasonableness of being able to scale this up in a "short" time. One would think there are any number of firms in the clean-up business that would the prospects with this tech and run with it but I'm not one of them so we can only hope.

    • sorry for my ignorance here..I was thinking that if the separator can be demoed indoors, it can be demoed in the sea--just need a similar setup and a ship to take it out there. Film it and send it to all the local TV stations, or invite one along for an exclusive 'scoop'. I guess it may not be easy, though I'm having a hard time understanding the difficulties.. again, not requiring any kind of connection to an oil pipe or massive numbers of barrels...just something simple to show what they can do--LIVE.

    • According to Laura, 2-3 weeks for a 4000. The special connectors ( can't remember the term she used for them) are the difficult acquisition. But, she said that if you're willing to pay for expedited delivery, you can get them faster. Typical 4000 sells for ~$225,000. There was one on display in the booth and it took up most of the back wall - maybe 15 feet long in it's blue frame. This is the unit seen on the Repsol off-shore oil rig substituting for the old equipment next to it that quit working in the WEB site video.

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      • Larry,

        how realistic is the idea of Enviro hiring the people/boat to go out there with a Separator and demonstrate the usefulness of their tech during this crisis? Seems to me that if they could do that within the next week or so, and get media coverage (likely to be picked up nationally), it could mark a turning point for the company and maybe make them a leading candidate for providing a solution for these situations..