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  • tombrusky tombrusky Oct 25, 2009 11:37 PM Flag

    is this a real company or a zen meditation room

    geezus you guys are quiet in here. too quiet.

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    • All,

      Actually, NHAg has been increasing in resale. JD is not the best resale product anymore. It may be in some pockets, but Blue has been coming on strong. I don't keep up with Red, nor have I kept up with Blue that well lately, but when I was selling Blue, it was on the rise. People are realizing that Green is not the best quality, and that they can get the same resell with Blue. Green is not as good as it once was!! and you are a fool if you think it is.

    • Tom,

      Thanks for the parody of my post.

      I tell you, I listened to their CC and it s*cked. To me, management just doesn't seem motivated. I don't think the Fiat guys give them much autonomy. It's too bad, lots of good history behind this company. I wonder if this is just a cash cow for Fiat?? Anyway, after the cc I sold all of my CNH stock.

    • I don't know if its a Zen room or not, likely some profane term would be better, but it has roots in fantasy. As to what color do you buy? think resale and parts for down the road, factor those things into the picture. I used to love the red paint machines, but it has been turned into some half wit mafia operation from the way it appears. But on another note, man, the stock price decline sucks, for some I suppose. Man thats got to hurt those upward and inward dudes. Any of you high rollers have any comments??? I'm betting NOT!!!

    • Real would be stretching the word -- 300 layoffs just announced this week for Saskatoon Canada - this company continues to spirol downwards - all good staff have already left - the company is being managed by a bunch of people with NO experience what so ever ! ! Good luck ! ! )left them 4 years ago)

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      • The management in this company is a joke - they like to bring in people that have absolutely no knowledge of the industries. Then everyone still around needs to educate them in the particular industry. Then these hot shots come up with these brand new ideas - yea right. We've tried that many times before and it didn't work. But they don't want to hear that because they have this business all figured out. A couple of the worst ones we deal with daily are Randy Baker. He heads up the World Wide Ag Group - he had no knowledge of the Ag businees at all. It took him three years before he started to understand the business - while wasting everyone elses time. Then there are guys like John Koetz - he is a little, miserable, insecure guy. The only reason he keeps his job is because he treats his direct reports like s**t. That's the Fiat/CNH mentality of how to treat their employees.

    • Heads will roll for the Xmas Holiday. Merry Xmas to you all - CNH Management.