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  • tronit tronit Jul 14, 2010 12:14 PM Flag

    Toxic personnel rollover

    This company's people will continue to behead leadership until it's own demise. They learned this from Tenneco, and these hillbillys fued with any leaders, cutting their own throughts, and take pride in how many leaders they can kill off. These sick, pathetic losers think the survivors of attrition will be promoted.

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    • SAP rollout. Won't that hurt the company.
      How long to complete? 3-5 years?

      Here comes frustration.

      feel sorry for you.

    • Look at the Chinese for the CE end of the business.

    • They've just dished out more RAT Poison.. Information is the first casualty of war, and they're destroying whatever handles management had. (How did the SAP conversion go?) Looks like they're posting JDEdwards jobs now!

    • HUH? Sure they got it for a song in a fire sale, sort of. All the reason to sell it if the money is right. But I doubt they will sell the whole thing. They have worked too hard for too long to sell the whole thing. There is no doubt that they will sell some of the parts of it, but not the whole. They will go into split ownership agreements like they did with KMAZ or what ever they are from Russia. Stuff like that gets them into other countries. You have to get past this flagship farm machinery/construction business models. The whole of the CNH is a sidewalk sale model/loss leader item to get them in the door for other stuff and to get their fingers into other pockets. CNH is a minor part of their overall operations. They have a few machine models/niche stuff that is good from a business generation aspect, but its not CNH's game to win, its DE's and AGCO's (Cat is here as well) to loose. The other ones like McCormick and ETAL's is built on a leaner cost and just as good as far as quality. It's the companies costs that is as important as the margins and here CNH is too fat on the cost and as the rats turn on each other in management... that alone will eat the ability to do business.

    • Wow . . . you should obviously be removed from your supervisory or management roll.

      As far as the workers at the plants; I don't think they take any pride at all in running off bad leadership. I think they're just about sick and tired of continual management turnover, promises that aren't kept, repeatedly being lied to, enduring 'headcount reductions' time and again, only to see management reward itself with higher pay and bonuses before re-engaging the musical management chairs program that allows them all to avoid taking responsibility for the repeated failures on every level.

      Surprising as hell anybody wants to be a dealer for these people anymore.

      But go ahead, blame the plant folks and workers . . . that's what management at this company has always been best at, at least since the days of Tenneco. Now that Fiat's involved the situation is about twice as bad as it's ever been.

      Surprising Case & IH equipment still exists at all, nevermind New Holland, which hasn't been a factor in two decades.

      Fiat has taken a company with about 10% of the market, added a company with about 20% of the market and is totally amazed at their ability to hold 15% of the market! And it's getting worse by the day. Cat & Deere are having a field day, AGCO & McCormick are making a strong stand, and Fiat is just so impressed they've decided to spin off CNH & Iveco, basically just give them to the shareholders so they don't have to be responsible for them anymore. Strong statement that is.

      It's really only a matter of time until the dealer network completely fails and the CP&E model is re-established out of necessity. At least then they'll be able to buy the retail business, albeit at the expense of a highly unprofitable company owned store network.

      Sorry your management experience at JI Case hasn't been a bed of roses for you though, best of luck at Gallo or Ludwig or wherever you land!