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  • zmanj_54 zmanj_54 Oct 29, 2010 9:44 PM Flag

    Pumpers now Dumpers

    And so it goes until this stock somehow attains some respectability.

    Until then CEU plays like just another Chinese reverse split, questionably audited, sham company.

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    • Doesn't matter what pumpers and dumpers do. For long term investors this is one of the better Chinese companies to hold.

      Revenue 37 mil(2009, 48% increase compared to 2008) 25 mil(2008, 47% increase compared to 2007) 17 mil(2007)

      Operating Income 16 mil (2009, 60% increase compared to 2008) 10 mil (2008, 42% increase compared to 2007) 7 mil (2007)

      EPS 0.59 (2009, 47% increase compared to 2008) 0.40 (2008, 85% increase compared to 2007) 0.14 (2007)

      Free Cash Flow 17 mil (2009, 88% increase compared to 2008) 9 million (28% increase compared to 2007) 7 million (2007)

      Net Margin ~ 41%

      ROA - 25

      ROE - 27

      Return on Invested Capital - 27.14

      Cash Returns - 22.7% based on enterprise value and free cash flow after all debt etc.

      And you say that this company is not good? If you are a trader its a different thing that you like to see it getting pumped and dumped but for long term investors this is awesome company. It went up 40% in last 1 months so it is obvious to have some correction. But this is a great holding.

      Take a look at New Oriental Education (EDU) and look at its fundamentals in past 5 years and see how it has grown. This company has much better than EDU and EDU went from 20 to 100 in no time. This company will definitely go to at least $8/share ... I am not into "market timing" so I will leave that to market timers and traders. For investors its a solid buy.