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  • draqu2000 draqu2000 Dec 1, 2010 8:06 AM Flag

    More approval on Kerrisdale cheating on CEU:

    The empty school address Kerrisdale is using is from the 2006 10ksb filling, which might be out of date. Considering fast growth nature in China in the past a few years, It would not surprise me if CEU has developed training facilities in other newly developed locations.

    But I have to admit that CEU does not have good Investor's relationship service, just like many other Chinese companies. This may be the reason why short sellers chose Chinese companies to attack lately

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    • you are absolutely right !

    • "more approval on kerrisdale cheating ceu"

      nice broken english, chinaman.

      who are you the CEU's cousin?

      get off the boards, stop posting, return the money you stole, and wait for the locals to arrest and cut of your heads soon.

      scum bag.

      ask anyone in that area, the school never existed, nor does the imaginary 'cards' they allegedly sell all over u fool.

      after the halt you can expect you and your family to be arrested.

      • 2 Replies to sheezymcneezy
      • i think you got the whole triads gang posting on the boards desperately that the report is false.

        how can the report be false. they told chinese regulators that they only had revenue of about 600k in 2008, from the same division they claimed over 15million to the SEC.

        not to mention people down there never heard or seen of the stupid school or the card they sell.

        oh yeah, this isnt a fraud really.

        the filings must be a clerical error for 5 years, the school must have a invisibility cloak around it like in harry potter and the traffic to all their websites that are 100x less than peers (except chd-edu because it uses artificial traffic generation after early 2010) is just a coincidence.

        yeah buy guys.. before the lovely SEC halt.

        some of you must be inbred to believe these desperate chinese posters who probably are packing their clothes as we speak to flee the country.

      • How much were you paid to post here day and night, kid?