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  • yakimariver yakimariver Jan 14, 2011 11:30 PM Flag

    my views of CEU, a few matters

    In China, the financial numbers for SAIC filing is not that serious. Indeed, it is for renewing the licence as long as they are doing the right business. The tax they paid is real, unfortunately, we can not see that statement from State Tax Adminsitration. Their bank statement is real too.

    They mentioned that building is be remodelled for Art Traing?? I believe the remodelling is true because you can see the new painting. But not sure if the remodelling is for their own business, Did the company give the details?

    Also, you can not try to pay through online on their website from USA here, error message jumping out is normal because of the firewall. I believe, their online business selling educational materials is real.

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    • for what's it's worth.....i used to be a banker

      three C's of credit: ...... character, capital and capacity

      think about it?

      i bought 100 shares but i wouldn't more on this company right now .... i can afford to lose and i will get a good night's sleep if i do

      if CEU company is for real ...... surprise .... surprise if it happens means that the following should be TOTALLY discounted:

      strange corporate lineage (ABC North Carolina real estate company......then a very questionable Oklahoma City accounting audit (I'm being nice) beginning ...... thin float followed by a reverse split ...... revenenue recognition not passing smell test ..... accounting audit change to Sherb & Company ("cousin protected") ....... eye popping performance.....inability to document cash balances.....IF IT CEI IS A TRUE company then I have messed up royally.....I only bought 100 shares and I spotted this company about two years ago....... I own EDU and have cleaned up

      If CEU is a fraud....I only own 100 shares and have made a big mistake.

      Risk/reward.....ready to take my lumps on a 100 share investment in a scam company

      in good conscience i wouldn't buy into CEU right now ....WHY????

      are you real greedy.....better deals out there right now than a company ready to be shut down and proven to be a total fraud.

    • its not just SAIC filings, but that is the only "proof" of fraud we have, since the company admitted it already.

      trying to play damage control by saying that SAIC filings and SAT filings could be forged so they can maintain competitive advantage, offers no comfort or even logic.

      Makes no difference if you buy 1000 shares before its shut down etc.. Anyone with a brain is staying away, look at the price.

    • We'll find out in the next 2 months. If CEU is a fraud they will stop communicating and fail to file a 10-K. If they're legit,the opposite will happen. And I think CEU is legit(what fraudulent company vigorously denies the allegations/shows auditor confirmed bank balances etc) but with the Chinese RTO space it pays to be skeptical.