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  • jtechkid1969 jtechkid1969 Dec 22, 2011 12:08 PM Flag

    8million at jp Morgan

    When Sherb did their cash veificatiom on ceu - they named the Bsnks and where the cash is . They had 8million in cash in the USA at jp Morgan - read the filing which their market cap now ha

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    • this is what one bank told me "this stamp did not originate from us" when i personally asked them in Harbin.

      CEU is completely phoney and fraudulent.

      I have no clue what Sherb is signing off on or ignoring, but they are at the very least guilty of not doing their job, and at worst involved in the fraud.

      CEU is done for, gone, it will be at .0000001 soon, and the people guilty of stealing the 20+ million will be running around china buying hookers and slaves probably in china lol, thanks to American money.

    • Wrong, the filings in JAnuary 2011 were forms drawn up by CEU not by Sherb, and contained no verification from Sherb.

      The only thing they included were stamps at the bottom which were suppose to confirm the balances, of which at least one bank has already verified that stamp did not originate from them.

      CEU filed phoney forms with phoney bank stamps.

      Their last aquisition from a few months ago was the last ditch effort to launder the remaining funds from the 2009 stock sales, from company accounts.

      CEU was never real, it was nothing more than a laundering vehicle to siphon off proceeds from the 2009 stock sales through Rodman and Renshaw, amounting to around 20-25million.

      So your completely uninformed and have no clue what was filed in January 2011, as I explained.

      Go back to school.