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  • tydurban tydurban Jul 8, 2010 12:07 AM Flag

    Biod vs Mnkd in direct competition discussion-

    Mnkd & Biod are in direct competition. Certainly diabetes is growing so fast and is already so commonplace that multiple products can co-exist and be profitable. But let's be honest one of these companies is going to get a huge share of the prandial market. Which is cheaper? I assume VIAject will be
    more competitively priced due to gmp and fewer "moving parts". They both work as effectively. Safety. This is really is the the biggest thing that VIAject has over Afrezza. Management at Biod has got there fingers crossed hopeful that the FDA renders mnkd an unfavorable response. If they do VIAject is the only new prandial up for approval for a couple years (we will discount oral-lyn because the product and company are both garbage). With little competition and an ever expanding market Biod could make over $1B a year. That's over 10x it's mkt cap. Add a modest p/e ratio to that and we are already at over $100 pps. Remember this stock has no debt, a small float, heavy insider/institutional holding, and a very deep pipeline. Mnkd has a massive amount of debt, a large float, and short pipeline. My money is on Biod. Comments encouraged-

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    • The small amount of options volume illustrates how little your net worth it; thanks sunshine.

    • additionally, the bridge study was included in the NDA submission in December.

    • a bridge study is for the purpose of showing bioequivalence. And yes, they have done the bridge study going from pH4 to pH7 to show bioequivalence. they have addressed this study a few times and the info is available on their website under archived presentations I believe.

    • citric acid was used to keep insulin mostly a monomer that is to prevent insulin from assuming its more stable hexamer state. increasing PH certainly should decrease pain on injection but is there a bridge study showing efficacy of the pH neutral viaject?

    • The guy is a complete blockhead. Another pathetic baggie caught in the mnkd web of lies losing money every day like a good little bgholder does. Biod is the future of diabetes.

    • You can read, but you don't understand. A director is not part of management or considered so by the SEC. So you are wrong and your info is wrong. And also you are double counting shares then. David Kroin is a partner at Great Point and has to report his beneficial shares as reported by Great Point sales. Great Point has also sold for other reasons than what they think of BIOD as an investment- namely they need the cash for redemptions of their poorly performing fund. The only sales in BIOD have been by VC firms that don't have any control on BIOD and have their own liquidity problems. Do some due dilegence. Management hasn't sold any since the high teens.

    • raising pH though increases the effectiveness of EDTA. pH was raised in this case. lowering pH reders EDTA less effective. So raising the pH has improved the drug in many ways. However, I would not rule out the FDA asking more questions on this. I just think the answers will be good.

    • Great Point, Partner, LOLOLOL

      Can you read a Form 4? There are 72 of them in the past year, happy reading, HAHAHAHA

    • Insiders have sold a paltry amount of shares over the past 6 months. An irrelevant amount. Now we have two of the top research universities in the world doing research on viaject? The stock is trading below a $100M mkt cap LOL! I know pinksheet scams with higher mkt caps! Should be trading with a $400M mkt cap at least.

    • please clarify what member of management sold and when. I do not see that at all.

      By the way, Sol Steiner told me recently he wasn't selling any shares anytime soon and didn't know why anyone would sell under $20/share.

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