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  • biod_factman biod_factman Jul 12, 2010 12:09 PM Flag


    I am not Tydurbin, but I will say I would not be too hopeful on MNKD. Difficult hurdles to cross. Sol Steiners own words on Afrezza..."if approved will only be small niche...early Type 2 diabetics who only need a little insulin" This from the guy who was the primary inventor of Afrezza and walked away to start BIOD b/c he knew the mkt wanted a better injectable, not an inhalable insulin. Talk to 50 diabetics and see how many would prefer inhaler to needle injections...almost none. Once they start using these pen injectors or pumps the injection doesn't bother them at all. But do they want a faster acting insulin...lots of them do.

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    • Who said I was done posting facts on the MNKD board? Im short that scam. Mnkd and Gnbt are the same scam differing in name only.

      "I will let the doctor prescribe my 6 year old son Afrezza. Before he graduates college he will have inhaled insulin into his deep lung several times a day for almost 20 years"

      Afrezza will never be approved without a strict black label and a rolling safety extension. Mnkd is a ridiculous $300M in debt. Ha Ha you think a big firm is going to partner with a company that is not even solvent?
      Meanwhile ol' bioed keeps chugging along. They have zero debt, $30M in cash, a low float, low cash burn, and a blockbuster drug up for approval in a few months. Lastly, we have gnbt. What diabetic in their right mind is going to take 10 sprays in the mouth (which you have to wait 15 seconds in between) before each meal? And to top it off have a lingering aftertaste for 15 min? Its a whole process? That or a 2 second injection? I rest my case. Biod is the future.

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