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  • elmaestro11 elmaestro11 Oct 15, 2010 2:54 PM Flag

    Funny how Bags Call us Shorts Iddiots.

    We Shorted at $6 + and High $5' while they Bought LMFAO.

    Who are the Iddiots?


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    • Not idiots but perhaps bottom feeders that represent what's wrong with the market and with the demeanor of the prevailing societal mein.

      A positive outlook for stocks that are transitioning either up or down seems not to exist anymore without the appearance of screeching banshees that fill the ether with lies, faulty dd and half truths as they try to dissuade investors from their own long positions as they try and make money on the take down.

      Largely negative little wienered types whose only refuge is whittling away of stocks in order to scrape together enough change to make them feel like their hedge fund role models that do the same thing on a larger scale.

      So true so sad so passe. You reap what you sow gomer you reap what you sow.

      Pogo was right! But on this one you bet the on the wrong short time horse if you want to capture the real money, imo. BIOD will succeed. Right stock, right product, just a matter of when.

    • and i did short biod at:


      oooopsssss. man, i dumbazz...and i can't spell iddiots right. me a foolazz

    • i should note that my dumbazz is picking mnkd to stay above 99 cents for 3 shares by EOY.

      short mnkd in dec --easy money

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