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  • biod_factman biod_factman Oct 21, 2010 12:24 PM Flag

    Chance of approval severely underestimated

    I think Errol de Souza was the right choice for CEO. He has the connections for a partnership and has executed this exact scenario before several times and doesn't overpromise. Not arrogant either which I see too much of and usually hurts companies like this in the end in partnership talks. Krasner is fine for his job and very friendly. It is good to put Sol Steiner back in the lab as he shouldn't be CEO at this point and is too quirky I think to lead. He is an old Jewish guy that is a little bit a hypster, but a smart scientist nonetheless. Gerard Michel is fine as far as personable and I think a good communicator to investors, but he is a little bit of a nervous nellie. All in all, I would rate the mgmt team pretty high and think they have the talent to get this approved eventually and capitalize on the rest of the pipeline (which could be extremely valuable).

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    • Lack of arrogance is really key. Management that shows arrogance usually do not interface well with the FDA. That is critical for approval.

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      • When biod_factman speaks, we should all be listening. I'm pretty sure he's top dog on this board for shares owned at 377,000. You don't make that kind of investment without having a ton of faith that it's the right call.

        I echo your thoughts, factman. If the FDA requires another trial (which most view as the worst-case scenario), it would be a 3 or 6-mo trial (as detailed by Wedbush in 8/5/10 research note). Since the pen still needs approval, another short trial will not set the company back much as it relates to launch of Linjeta. Additional trial (assuming 6-mo or less) or not, launch of Linjeta projected in Dec., 2011.

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