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  • sugarman005 sugarman005 Dec 4, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    Share price thoughts? (For the few REAL posters on here)

    I think the lower price is consolidating for another RUN UP. With the upcopming Panel/FDA decision, I doubt that investors or Tutes will be selling. Only the shorts trying to make a few $$.

    Guessing that we are in for alot of PRESS and coverage in the coming month with higher highs and higher lows..IMHO


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    • Considering results I see this to $5 before the upcopming Panel/FDA decision.
      Already in while trading a small part on every dip.

      Simply waiting for the best opportunity to enter huge here

      ETRM seriously looks like one of the few no brainer out there

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I bought at $ 1.14 and have not sold. I do have a significant material position. I bought because these are the things I see going forward as of now. The science 18th month data really blew the lid off results and confirmed the science is solid and safe hence approval by FDA should be in the bag. The sell off in January was due to 12 month data which had missed endpoints by a little. ETRM met the FDA who recommended filing PMA and looking at 18th month data instead. This shows they are interested in approving. Prior to selloff stock was $ 4 per share, so it is safe to say we are going there before the FDA Panel which is to be held in Q1 2014. The FDA Panel will approve sending stock to $ 7 and then a few months later FDA stamp and we are at $ 12 per share. This is what I see and I am not selling. My other picks this year was CSIQ and RMTI of which I sold too early, one is up 1000% the other is up 400% so I am not going to miss another 1200% jump.


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      • NICE gains Adeiflig! I don't mid sharing my average at $1.07. I would have another 10,000 shares but it didn't fill my last position when it was at $1.01---dammm! LOL

        Yeh I agree with you about price valuations as we approach the most significant time for ETRM in many years!! Statistically significant and clinically significant time that is!!


    • Well, I started my position today at 1.98. The science looks solid and meets a big need right now. If it drops, I will simply add to my position. To answer your question, I am looking for the $3 range short term and over $7 range long term. Good luck everyone!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • The press coverage has barely started. I laugh at Zacks "Sell' rating for ETRM. They once had a "STRONG BUY" rating on CYTK which is almost 50% since that rating. I sold my CYTK the day of the 1-6 R/S, made a few thousand and happily flipped to ETRM.

    • 12-15 bucks, baby!

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