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  • oozhe22 oozhe22 Dec 5, 2013 5:19 AM Flag

    Do you get it yet? ETRM REPORTED 2 FAILED EFFICACY ENDPOINTS on Tuesday!!

    Even they completely left out the biggest efficacy endpoint as it failed so badly.

    One of the protocol's other efficacy endpoints was getting 55% or more patients seeing a 20% or more reduction in EWL -- they failed THAT;

    another one was getting 45% or more patients seeing a 25% or more reduction in EWL - and they failed THAT one as well.

    0-FOR-3 on EFFICACY yet once again - and more and more investors WILL realize this every day!

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    • Short position here although I'll exit tomorrow unless it drops.

      But wondering, if you have no position, why do you post so much about this co? I mean it's always good to have another opinion out there so the boards don't get too frothy on the positive side but why so many posts?

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      • 1 Reply to duediligence7
      • Believe it or not, I'm just trying to keep the pumpers and an unscrupulous ETRM from ripping of trusting lay investors. Early in my days as a biotech analyst and I manged a portfolio that included lots of small investors, moms and pops, etc I developed a really sympathy for all these simple folks who were hosed horribly by say-anything corporate desperation. Some would actually be tearing up while saying " But the company said......................"

        Company spokespeople getting six- and seven-figure salaries while relying on naivete among the investing public in way too many cases...........there's really no excuse for this company to be BSing the data so heinously. Somebody has to say something - and you have to be willing to say it often to get any ear over the droves of psychopumpers.

        Glad you're seemingly immune to the essentially immoral hyping of ETRM.

    • ZEEMAN -- here's what happened on the only two legit (pospectively defined) subgroups...........failure, just as in the 12-month data.

    • ST. PAUL, MN -- (Marketwired) -- 12/03/13 -- EnteroMedics Inc. (NASDAQ: ETRM), the developer of medical devices using neuroblocking technology to treat obesity, metabolic diseases and other gastrointestinal disorders, today announced 18 month efficacy and safety results from its 5 year ReCharge Pivotal Trial of VBLOC® vagal blocking therapy for the treatment of obesity.

      Patients in the VBLOC group (n=117), achieved excess weight loss (EWL) of 25%, or 10% total body weight loss (TBL), compared to 12% EWL, or 4% TBL for sham control group patients (n=42). The 13% difference in EWL demonstrated statistical superiority over sham control (p

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    • Most importantly the main efficacy endpoint WAS COMPLETELY LEFT OUT OF THE ANALYSIS.

      Instead they SUBSTITUTED an INVENTED measure nowhere to be found in the protocol.

      As if that weren't heinous enough much if not all of the data fobbed off as 'positive' is apparently not even the standard intent-to-treat analysis FDA approval keys on.

      THIS IS ANOTHER BRAZEN PUMP-AND-DUMP. Beware, kiddies....

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