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  • sccmguy sccmguy Aug 28, 2012 4:48 PM Flag

    HAHAHA - I'm laughing at you

    This is what ALW and his crew have been doing all this time.
    Chanting over and over HAHAHA., I'm laughing at you. Took awhile but now a few ANALysts have taken notice at MGMT use of the money it has borrowed @ a paltry 8%. The money for serverside, cloud, oveseas research, privitization, exciting new instants and all these things shareholders had to look forward to. All these reasons to buy. How long has this fascade existed? A decade? 2 maybe?..Will more news come out in the future that would indicate "irresponsible spending"?. School starts very soon and when the Mutual fund portfolio managers come back to work will they turn on their computers and let their automated traders sell this down to the 2 bucks it should be? Soon..

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    • For 20 years, SGMS put nothing into R&D. They remained heavily leveraged and had relatively poor financial performance compared to other players in the industry. And yet, their stock has always outperformed the company. Why? Because the industry as a whole and the markets wanted a viable alternative to what some on this Board call the Evil Empire (GTECH). Heck - GTECH has produced many multiples of the profits SGMS has in terms of shareholder value. ALW must be sitting back saying "Gollum, Gollum" while he counts the money...

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      • >>For 20 years, SGMS put nothing into R&D<<
        And if they did no one would ever know.. LOL ..Just recently red flags go up and the headlines show articles that point to what should be frickin' obvious. Credibility and truthfulness is questionable. I just wonder how far it will go if anywhere. Look at the pension his 'bro got in 2003, and the welcome home bonus when "he came out of retirement". I stopped listening to his Conference calls for years because he was always painting a rosey picture. The questions that he is asked are usually softballs just formality. When I listened to the last CC It sounded no different than the one I listened to back in 2004.

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