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  • edwinclaudi000 edwinclaudi000 Jun 4, 2009 9:10 AM Flag

    What do you think of adding at these level?

    I am an owner of MKL, and my average cost is $390. Its already 8% of my portfolio. What do you all think of adding 20% to my MKL positon?

    Its the 3rd largest holding in my portfolio. The others include BRK.b - 15%, LUK - 9.5%

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    • Partner please stop trying to catch a falling knife. You have been pushing this stock since it was 450. You're too emotionally tied to this, back away..

    • Reason for choosing all three?

      I like all of them,

      BRK.b – I think they can do better than the market. I have one of the best asset allocator working for me. And WB have put the excess cash to work in the last few months, and you will see the results in the coming decade.

      MKL – I think they can do better than BRK.b, because they are much smaller than BRK.b.

      LUK – I think they can do better than the above two, it’s a lot riskier than the above and I am betting on the jockey here. Looking at the past, they have done a wonderful job, and I am betting they will do good going forward. Its my steroid.

      I also own BAM, FAIRX & SEQUX which are 6%, 5% & 6% respectively.

      Why don't I own only one and put 100% on it?

      I am not looking for home runs.

      There is no guarantee that the past performance can be repeated.

      I am not smart enough to know which one is the best going forward.

      I don't feel comfortable, owning just one stock.

      But what I know is that the people who run the above stocks and funds are honest, have sizable part of their net worth invested in them along with mine, and they will do everything to increase the net worth.

      On average, I think I will do fine holding the above.

    • A more important question is why do you hold all 3 stocks? Can't you determine which one is the best and put 100% into it?

    • The market has been going up for the past three months. I personally think the "market" is forcasting the economy a year down the line. If you are a holder as oppossed to being a trader I would say that anytime you can buy Markel is a good time to buy. If you are a "holder" add as you can. Everything I have ever read about Markel, as a company, has been positive. If you have a few bucks I think it is a good buy.

    • Wait a day or two It will be back down to $272, It always is after a pps rise to $290.

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