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  • chicagozues chicagozues Mar 14, 2002 11:10 AM Flag


    I must admit that I am a buy and hold investor....always have been. Since buying RSTN back a $4, I have enjoyed some really great posts about trading from many of you. It sparked my interest to try trading some know....time the gaps, and the rise and falls. Well, today was my first day to do this and well.....

    I AM TERRIBLE!!!! I sold today at $5.65 and bought back at $5.80 because I panicked on both ends. Thought I'd miss the fall....and as soon as checked back...I thought I'd miss the run back up. I was played like a fiddle.

    Obviously I've made great money on this stock since it bottomed out...but as many of you have experienced this past year, I was not at all interested in riding it back down.

    I have got to learn the "art of trading stocks" better. I feel as if I have a solid ability to find good companies and cheap prices...but when it comes to trading....I have a lot to learn.

    Just thought I would vent my story.....I enjoy all of the useful posts here....and please...keep posting any and all tips (legitamate). Good luck all.

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    • funny, Im with you :) Now I am a holder, not a trader, any company, which is solid (ie RSTN) even in the worse downturns, they will come up again. in think in2it says it best, be patient

    • Finally a person with a decent and honest post.

      Do your own DD and please take this board and others with a grain of salt. Be responsible for your losses and success's....hopefully you will have the latter.

      Good trading.

    • Just a little advice for ya from a buy and hold investor. You will read very little on this board of value to you unless you are a daytrader. Stick with your plan if that is what you are comfortable with because this stock will do very well for you. There is nothing wrong with buying and holding if you have bought a strong company and Riverstone is a strong company.