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  • sfbizman2002 sfbizman2002 Jan 23, 2008 1:16 PM Flag

    nothing more than a PR machine

    This company is simply a PR machine. They might have some decent products in the future but right now everything is in devolpment and will take time. But due to an incredible marketing machine they have achieved a market cap of over 1 billion, far exceeding other comapnies in the space that are much further along then them, (UGTH $132 mil., NGP 100Mil.) both have wells actually PRODUCING, not in development like RZ. Yet RZ has a market cap over 10x, just silly.

    Here is an example of the PR machine, the other day they hired HYundai to build some stuff for them if they ever get orders for it. But they called it a "Business cooperation Agreement". Yea, well I have a "Busness cooperation argreement with Verizon. I pay them for monthly phone service.

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