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  • s.eranger Sep 21, 2009 10:13 AM Flag

    Is this Technology Dead?

    Unfortunately, I'm down $10K on this stock. The financial adviser who put me in this POS has moved twice since then....

    It seems to me these alternative energy solutions were hot when oil was $149.00? Does this company have a legitimate chance of survival?

    The news hasn't been good and the chart looks worse.

    What are the pros and cons?

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    • The chena units are larger than the current units raser is using.

      I think the problems with thermo one is trying to network 50 units together--and achieve similar water flow into each of them. The large units, to a degree helps with this issue. If raser had adequate hot water flow into each unit, combined with the the correct cool water, and they were not producing to spec--I would be quite comfortable in saying we would be hearing raser comment to that fact and we would see lawsuits. Maybe they are coming. I truly believe that if the issue were the utcp units--we would have heard about it.

    • Will rz be able to get other investor's to do the normalized monetization that Brent discussed in his slides in the past??? That is important IMO

    • harly,
      points well taken-

    • Harly, I agree UTC-recently moved under the parent Pratt & Whitney for reason. They have huge upside if the technology is proven.

      I am concerned about the efficiency of the smaller UTC units. Obviously there are some issues, otherwise the announcement of larger more efficient units would not have been made.

    • maybe

      <<<if T1 is a problem for RZ, it will be for UTX also>>>

      It may be a problem for rz because they are engineering it all wrong.

      <<<why would they want to operate it?>>>

      They would not want to operate it.

      Raser has bought at apx $30 million worth of equipment from UTC power. As of now it looks as if the units are useless. UTC power has invested heavily in developing the purecycle units. UTCP would like nothing more than for raser to hook up the units correctly and have them generate power. They really don't want to operate the plant, however they have a huge financial interest in the success of the plant.

      At any point in time you find yourself agreeing with dave, you need to rethink your position

    • RZ chose UTC because of the off-the-shelf plug and play feature, requiring little if any modification. It may have been a trade-off for efficiency, but there you have it.

    • Another thing that puzzles me is that I thought UTX units were supposed to be good for utilizing temps down to 165 degrees. I mean if the unit is not performing to specs it doesn't seem like it is RZ"s fault solely since they do have temps above that. IMO Purecyles are the ones to blame equally if not more. Of course mine is a conjecture, not that I am an expert in the field.

    • I can't argue with that, jeanne.

    • I would imagine UTX would like to see them in a plant that is operating up to spec- it appears to me that one of the difficulties is in getting the 50 to operate in balance - another is cooling-related - big one of course is inadequacies of hot water supply.

      Better use might be as co-gen equip in oilfields in the arctic, needing only 250-500KW each location. Better PR for UTX - if they cared.

    • Exactly jeanne...any RZ equip that UTC has liens against would be repossessed and resold at reduced value by UTC, if it came to that...and that would really only occur under a bankruptcy scenario.

      I don't know what Harly is talking about, but then, neither does he.

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