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  • s.eranger Nov 4, 2009 11:46 AM Flag

    Did it ever occur to Anyone...

    This might not be a viable source of alternative energy?

    I'm down 20K and pretty annoyed...

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    • I feel very fortunate I got out in the low 4's months ago! Too many blunders and missed forcasts! However, I do hope your investment turns around for you, clean, 24/7 renewable energy is to stay under this administration and RZ does have both those ingredients going for them! I still drop in ocassionally because I may take a new, albeit small position if this flurts with 1.00 even! That may be the floor!

    • It does have a chance if they can produce 10mw, get SCPPA funding and recieve tax credit, but the lack of specific information and notable progress is killing RZ at the time. They need to put Barker on the CC call for credibility....he won't lie!

    • s.eranger Nov 4, 2009 9:47 PM Flag

      Well...these appear to be very real answers...this is one I didn't do my due dilligence on...I haven't even called the company.

      Funny thing though...if I sell it I bet it goes back to $2.50. Does this have ANY chance to rebound?

    • Nothing wrong with comforting yourself with the right decision to reduce the loss.

    • I actually agree somewhat with wx on this one. This was never a sure thing, and a story had to be told. I differ in that the message could have been articulated closer to the facts of the matter as opposed to shooting for wild ass best case scenarios. The curtain has closed on a very interesting story for me. I sold at a significant loss around 2 bucks. I'm not sure why I still post here to be honest, I can't get it out of my system.

    • I'm no psychologist, but this is the only board in the yahoo kingdom that has more posts from people with "no position" in this stock than actual long or short shareholders.

      I'm not outraged things went south. Why should I be? This wasn't a reputable company. No revenue, only ideas. This was a speculative play. A high risk/high reward.

      Sure it sucks being wrong. Damage done to the ego is more painful than a minus sign next to the stock position. That's how I feel. But don't tell me you thought this was ever a safe investment or sure thing.

      They divulged the truth. They fucked up. They didn't know what they were doing. It cost everyone. It was a poor investment. It happens. Suck it up or move on.

      Spare me the posts about fraud, class action lawsuits, stock delisting, and phony outrage. More ridiculous posts from our army of former shareholders that have an axe to grind.

    • meaning "hot air" or hot water ? - geothermal is definitely a great source of energy - that has been proven by other companies -

      whether investing in this company is ? - that is a different question - the insiders have done very well selling the 'hot air' -