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  • z0slick z0slick Dec 9, 2009 11:13 AM Flag



    On 12-08-09 reynold roeder purchased 26,000 shares guess he wabts to throw away 31,720.00 on what bashers r calling a bankrupt bound company!!!!!!!!! Huh wonder if he knows something more then ge, wow, talk, cmeng, etc....

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    • I wonder if call options were purchased by the RZ gang, or, people close to them out of direct SEC sight, hoping this news would create a quick profit?

    • I should have said "alleged Mormon" and I believe most claim they are based on discussions I have had with people in Utah Valley who know some of them. In this case their actions show they are not true believers. Anyone can say they are Mormon, get baptized then do whatever they want as shown by Val Southwick, the Lone Peak High School Seminary Principal, RZ insiders and their relatives and friends, and numerous other other liars and cheats in Utah and in the religion. I respect the religion, not the liars and cheats who tarnish it's image. Of course every religion has liars and cheats so I probably have a soft spot for Mormons who lie and cheat.

    • Stick the bar of soap in your mouth. Do you have any long lasting relationships with anyone? What is so hard about being polite? I have learned a lot from the intelligent parts of your posts and can tolerate your anger but it does get old. If you had some tolerance we could actually be friends and hang out. Then you wouldn't be so loneyly. I'm here for ya!

    • Yes, that is fine, thanks!

      And I agree (like I said last night) - option grants, strike $1.16 vest 1/20th per quarter. Clayton and Higg get some options that vest immediately but it is nothing to write home about.

    • Was it a direct purchase? Missed that one...

      Looked like stock option grants to me probably year end bonuses is my guess. Speculation only though.

      Strike at $1.16 1/20th per quarter vesting schedule so they can't cash out quickly so that is good. Either they drive price up beyond $1.16 to benefit in 4-5 years OR they vest immediately upon being bought out in which case PPS goes up.

      Also perhaps they won't dilute again given the low strike price.