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  • scared_to_post scared_to_post Jan 14, 2010 4:58 PM Flag

    Love all the bashing

    Tell me.... do you live in Utah Valley?

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    • Nope try again! I did meet Orrin Hatch in 1st class on the plane once though. During the Clarence Thomas hearings years ago. He was a class act. This was right after he suggested that the pubic hair in coke story was fabricated and based on an excerpt from The Exorcist.

      Anything with Orrin Hatch's name on it is golden in my opinion.

      Also, the Governator also drove the Hummer. What more do you want? This stock is WAY oversold against the competition in my opinion. If they meet a few objectives then stock will take off.

      If they dilute, then sure I will bail...I am not stupid - although GE likes to think that.

      Hey GE, did you pick up OSIS? I told a few others privately on this board to pick it up 2 Mondays back. If you were nicer to me, you would have gotten that advice and made 40% on your cash in 2 weeks. DOH! All about the trade...