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  • scared_to_post scared_to_post Oct 5, 2010 10:40 PM Flag

    mcantsplumbing is.........

    Ressurection of Blur

    There are only two people who are almost always online. One is me because I am busy helping with triplets and don't have much time for anything else and the other one is Ressurection of Blur, aka ROB and he is now mcantsplumbing.

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    • A$$ smeller, no one is trying to run you or that imbasillac brother off the board jmo, we would not have anyone to bang on, you are such an easy mark jmo.on a good day you are a half wit, you remind me of drool jmo,yopu are dank, filthy, smell like someoneelses bodily waste, assinine and benighted, spammers look down on you jmo. Telemarketers refuse to be seen with you, you choke on your own dimwitted opinions, and you wear your wife's,.. Errr .. Sisters training bra jmo, when you come home your mother runs out from under the porch and bites you jmo. You're in waaaay over your head sonny jmo.
      rapid deployment
      thermo 1
      ld without the unholy spawn of a bandy legged hobo and a syphilitic camel
      back to the 5's jmo.

    • LOL you are so wrong. Go do your homework. Google McCants Green Energy.

      Nice try though. I post under one name only resurrection_of_blur

    • Me thinks thou does protest to much roto rooter boy. When you caught with your britches down you can always bring me into the conversation jmo, how does my a$$ smell today jmo.
      thermo 1
      lot's of singles
      rapid deployment
      raser ramming it home to the dynamic dimitts
      back to the 5's jmo

    • Let me correct myself..even thou rasermad is a stupid idiot. can't blame him for idiotic statements made by others

      It's easy to see Blur and Extremer making these comments..hard to hide behind false nics..your typing style and grammer shows it all...

      So you 2 Idiots have made this board what it is now...A JOKE..

    • Whoever is trying to pose as me is wasting their time...shows the real intelligence of the pumpers here...they have to show they are worth something to this board, so they chose to imitate my be it... the truth will show the real intentions

    • He may even be newmexicodummy and be signed on at the same time under these mulitple aliases. Easy to do if you use Windows and set your Folder Options to Launch folder windows in a separate process.