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  • jman197165 jman197165 Jan 7, 2011 8:18 PM Flag


    Acres of geothermal land?how many megawatts potential?what's the potential of the electric truck fleet orders?39% of via could be alot more opportunity for raser than everyone suspects.i say as far down raser dropped in price over a long time,raser could shoot up 10 times faster with the bull market on alternative energy & electric trucks this year.especially,with gas prices that could reach 5 dollars a gallon within this year.those people with trucks & suvs take a crap every time they fill up those v8s & v12 trucks,5-10 mpg.companies that use alot of big work trucks with heavy loads probably are tired of those gas & oil bills already.
    there also is a future in geothermal power plants.the sun doesn't always shine all the time & the wind doesn't blow all of the time that's why politicians(both parties)back it well as pollution,climate control & green energy ect.also,thats another reason why they put the geothermal invesment act & the 1603 extension in play to back up the future of geothermal green energy & to even the competition with solar,wind & fuel cells.nobody knows if raser is going to sell thermo 1 or make some kind of improvement to increase it's could be ormat or nick to figure out a way to improve it.
    we can read that raser & via will be able to operate more efficiently, gain more capital & attarct more investors with the division split.comtex smarttrend issued raser in an uptrend,that's a plus.
    there was a report that said raser was an undervalued company a few months ago.
    the financing forum is coming up in new york feb.9th.updates on via & the l.d. Are coming up.hold your 6 months to 1 year time raser could be 2.00 to 5.00 bucks as long as nick & via take the appropriate actions.we might not ever see these prices again.we're are in the right field at the right time and it's hell getting a new company on it's feet but i think rasers time to come back is now.i'll see when raser's press releases come out with a short squeeze bang.

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