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  • eu9mec eu9mec Nov 25, 2011 9:19 AM Flag

    Premarket <Cash

    Premarket is trading at $3.70. Anything under $4 cash is insulting. Plus Vimovo is worth another $1-$2/share.

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    • bump..

    • There are a few Bio bargains not yet realized by market Look at forgotten IPO ZGNX

      DD on ZGNX 105 Mill $$$ Mkt Cap 71 Mill in Cash & approved Migraine drug 40 mill in sales 2011 & projected 80 mill in 2012 BUT has phase 3 trials done & POSITIVE outcome on their ( First to Market ) Extended release Hydrocodone drug & also ( First to Market ) APAP free or Acetaminophen free ( causes Liver Toxicity) & FDA cracking down on it. ZGNX according to last CC has already been approached by Pharmas looking to partner up on drug & will make a decision in early 2012 whether to partner or go alone. Why go alone ??? Huge market for Hydrocodone ( Over 6 BILLION a Year & growing ) & Oppenhiemer has opined that ZGNX drug will do around 500 Million a year in sales. Insiders know the potential & have bought over 56% of the total outstanding shares 36.4 Million shares including the 7.1 Million shares purchased in September. Coupled with the 18 Million shares just purchased in the last 3 months by Institutions which now totals over 25 million shares & growing . BTW 18 million shares bought 11 thousand shares sold ???? FLOAT is around 4 Million shares 4 MILLION ...This is a sure shot double/triple/??? easily could be another INHX $2 to $10 quickly on FDA or Partner news or a straight buyout....INSANE Valuation here though

    • It's hard to know what Vimovo is worth now that Pozen stated that 2012 sales will be in excess of $100M. I would say $2, but then I'm tempted to start forecasting out into 2013 and beyond. I'm going to say it's worth closer to $3-4. We can't assign more than $1 or so to PA but when that one comes online it's going to probably generate a lot of revenue. This is basically a steal. So funny to read the crap the shorts write. If they're forced to cover this could bump hard.

    • Agree. The market is insane.

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