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  • khaiteuvn khaiteuvn Oct 18, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    Did you know that POZN's PPS can get to $1000/share over time....

    I will do the math again.... simple math.....
    1- Already 2 drugs approved based on same technics. So the chance of an approval for PA is as big as it can gets.... Also... like AFFY, their drug over time did cause unexpected troubles and they went broke.....POZN's has 2 drugs in the market based on the same technics for years and they are proven to be safe.
    2- POZN has no costs anymore, only 30 worker, $85m in cash, no debts and only 30m shares out and never diluted the stock.
    3- PA is a better aspirine.
    50% of Aspirines are taken by people for the rest of their life to reduce troubles with the heart. But long term use can and will cause ulcers. PA will avoid this.
    4- POZN will sell PA for the same price then Aspirine combined with a ulcer reducer which will cost the patient $30/month. In most cases the insurance of the patient will pay back this $30
    5- For USA sales, POZN wil get around 20% if sales are high. And they should be high because there are about 24 million people who are taking Aspirin long term....Every patient will pay $360/year. So in case PA can get only 25% of the market......we are talking about revenues of around $2 BILLION/year. 20% = $400m/year for POZN
    6- Because the pricing of PA will be at the same level then the generic version, it doesn't matters if the patents on PA will expire over time. POZN will keep selling PA because their will simply not a cheaper version available EVER !!!! So this $400m/year is a NET income for EVER!!!!
    In this case the P/E can get around 30 or 40 for POZN's shares and I am sure POZN will pay a dividend because the CEO has quite a few shares himself.....
    7- The sales in the rest of the world are supposed to double that income over time....
    So be not surprised that in 2016 ..... 3 years from now...... the PPS is around $1000/share (of course POZN will do splits to keep the PPS under $100..... but today you can buy this stock for $6........ POZN can become the NETFLIX or the TESLA or the APPLE of the bio techs.

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    • Where did you find that patients will pay $360/yr?

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      • PLease do not tell me that you putted money in this stock WITHOUT any DD. No wonder AMRN investors thought that 1can earn money with selling drugs based on fish oil.
        $360/year is very little money, did you know that? Patients how takes VVUS drug or DNDN drugs pay a HUGE lot more.... but.....those $30/month is just the trick can will make PA a success.
        PLachetka INSISTED that PA will not cost more then $1 a day....because a higher price would mean that later the generic version would be used by POZN's patients. Now the generic version will be at the same price then the PA pill, a pill that is approved by the FDA. So not 1 doctor will advise his patient to get the generic version and that is why the income on PA will be an income that POZN will get "for ever". Many analists do not realise what this means !!!!
        Where did I find that? Just go to pOZN's website and watch the presentations.... there you also can see the amount of USA patients that are right now on taking Aspirin on a daily base and remember the deal with Sanofi is only for the USA market !!!!!
        You can compere PA with a new kind of fuel for your car. The cost is the same as your old fuel, but with the new fuel, you are sure that your engine NOT get dirty and with the old fuel you are not certain about that. What will you do?

    • Wow, and I thought I was optimistic about POZN's prospects!

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      • I know what you are thinking;.... I am crazy.... but..... JAZZ, and a few other bio techs..... that went from a few dollars to $100 and more, also PCLN, APPLE, NTFLX etc..... who went from a few dollars to $500 to $1000... when they still were at low levels and 1 or 2 investors told the crowd that the thing could go to $500 olr $1000; nobody believed them.... but they did were right... right? I risk my neck, sure... but at least I based my thinking on reality.The math is simple..... PA is like a better fual for your car at the same price then your old fuel. If Sanofi can not sell that......then POZN will not succeed. If Sanofi is able to tell the story on every doctor in the USA who is involved in patients.using aspirins on a daily base.....docotrs are smart, most of them have an higher IQ then most other they have no other choice then promoting PA against normal aspirin..... it will take some years.... but there is a 50% chance that more then 50% of the patients who are now on daily aspirin will using PA and you do the math yourself in case PA can get 50% of the market, which is still 50% too low, right?

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