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  • khaiteuvn khaiteuvn Nov 7, 2013 6:11 AM Flag

    POZN's PPS soon at $1000/share???? PART1

    yes, this should be non sense. Not 1 stock can go from $6 to $1000, right? But late 1990's, Amazon went from $1 to $100, AAPL from $6 to $800, PCLN from $6 to $1100.... so as you can see, some times it happens. And all those stocks have 1 thing in common, When they were at its lows... no one thought they could grow that much. And to be honest, probably neither did their CEO's.
    But to have a PPS rising from $6 to $1000, the business and the products of a company must have at least the possibilities to grow that much. Or do you think that at the beginning, Bill Gates knew, when his shares were at $0.06... they would rise to $60?
    Anyway, if we look at POZN we know for sure that a growth like that can not come from Treximet, because they sold that drug for around $100million. We also know for sure that such a growth will not come from Vimovo sales because their are simply not enough patients to sell that drug to.
    But... PA is another story. PA is simple said, a "better then Aspirin" drug. No big deal. There are manyu products that are better then other products. But... Aspirin seems to be the only simple and cheap drug that , once you get older then 50, and you take it on a daily base, your chances to get heart troubles and some cancers reduced by around 30% and MORE!
    Non sense? Read this
    "take a low-dose aspirin (75 mg) each day. This reduces the risk of having a heart attack by about a third and the risk of having a stroke by about a quarter. A daily low dose of aspirin also reduces the risk of developing a number of common cancers. Some doctors recommend that all people aged 45-50 should consider taking a daily low dose of aspirin until the age of about 75. But, discuss the pros and cons and your own circumstances with your GP before taking regular aspirin, as in some people aspirin causes serious bleeding from the gut, which is sometimes fatal."

    And now the good news, PA is an aspirin that reduce the chance to get ulcers drasticly.

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