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  • khaiteuvn khaiteuvn Nov 26, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    Hé guys... am I the only one who see this

    When I go over all the POZN figures/deals and percentages
    I see that POZN is spreading the Sanofi upfront payment over 2014 which means that POZN will have GARANTEED $12 million + another $12 million from Vimovo sales ( AZ and Horizon) that makes $24million. That alone is already $0.8/share

    If the FDA approves PA, this thing will explode because when you see today's PPS it is not even counting on an approval. It doesn't even reflect the huge dividend of $1.75 !!!

    Such a huge potential and only a market cap of $230 million.....

    People are definitly not aware of the value of Vimovo and PA. Vimovo will become a $500 million drug within 2 years and PA will definitly also become a $500 million drug within 2 years after approval.

    So POZN will have a net income around $4/share for many years to come..... olalalala

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    • "today's PPS ... doesn't even reflect the huge dividend of $1.75 !!!"

      Of course it does. The $1.75 was already on the balance sheet before the distribution declaration, so was already a part of the company's net worth. How do you figure that by simply announcing the company is going to reduce their net worth by $1.75, it's all of a sudden worth $1.75 MORE?

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