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  • haschultz1 haschultz1 Jan 4, 2013 1:14 AM Flag

    AXTI Future & HIMX Buy Rec

    Again, I am an owner of AXTI and good to see late day buying in it although the overall volume is still low except for 2-Jan 2013.

    On 5-Dec under the employment topic here I recommended reviewing HIMX (then at $2.25 and closed today at $2.77 after hitting new 52 week high of $2.85). Did anyone go check that out? I think it is still a double in 18 months and will pay around a $0.15/share annual dividend in July. Seriously, check it out as there is still money to be made there. Compare it to AXTI both near term and longer term and let me know which if the two is the better buy as I have money to be put to work.

    My take is HIMX has the better short term prospects and may put my money to work 75% on HIMX and 25% on AXTI as I see little to drive this further until earnings in early February and then it all depends upon their outlook. HIMX gave bullish 4Q2012 outlook and pays a larger amount of their earnings as a dividend (unusual for a tech stock).

    For full disclosure, I also own TQNT and SWKS (just recently at $19.50).

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    • HIMX closed today at $6.61 (see above where I suggested this at $2.77). I hope several jumped onboard.

      And, I am glad that I allocated my money to HIMX although I still watch AXTI.

    • haschultz1,
      My sincere thanks for the HIMX recommendation! Based on the fundamentals and promise of the future, I bought in last week at $3 and oh man am I happy now. If you're in Austin, TX anytime soon, your drinks are on me.

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      • I have a brother in Austin (Round Rock) so maybe I will take you up on that.

        Article just came out in Digi Times on HIMX and Google Glasses. HIMX is trding up $1.30 to $5.10 right now pre-market with over 100,000 shares which is good for pre-market.

        Just remember me......and email me when you find something GREAT like this.

        HIMX is worth $5 just based on last year's earnings of $0.30/share and then this year's estimate of $0.37/share which may get raised. The analysts are expecting HIMX to get $1 billion in sales in 2014.

        Enjoy the ride and the profits!!!!!!!!!

    • da MAN! congratulations! wish i had the discipline to be long term investor.
      my meager trading picks...MRCY off a double bottom and sprt for a possible breakout.

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      • Sorry that was don't short a $3 stock that make $0.30/share in earnings and pays a dividend (shows good cash flow).

        HIMX has now sold over 1,200,000 shares pre-market and it still up ~$1.00+. Last year in November when I bought my second and largest holdings, this used to trade 250,000 shares/day. It was recently 500,000 shares per day but has now done 1.5 million, 18 million, 5.8 million and now 1.2million pre-market.

        I hope there are many others who took my advice and at least looked at HIMX in January.

      • Read the HIMX board. There is some poor guy in complelte denial thinking he can wish this away.

        Lesson, don't short a $3 stock that made $0.03/share in profits and pays a dividend. I thought that was a given!!!!!!!!!!

    • See the earnings on HIMX just released and hop onboard while there may still be shares to buy. For 2012, they made $0.30 EPS and closed just under $3.00 share price. They increased revenue and margins and are optimistic about the future..............and should give specific 1Q 2013 guidance at their conference call before the market opens on Thursday.

      Glad that I moved money into HIMX at 4 times the rate I did AXTI who may need a few more quarters to shine...............and are not really in a value added sort of business that HIMMX is in.

      Note that HIMX also pays an annual dividend in Jully which has been a bit over 50% of the previous years earnings. So, I am also expecting a $0.15/share dividend this July..............which is 5% on a $3 stock. What is not to like?

      Anyway, I just wanted to alert y'all that the earnings were just released and the conference call will come before the open on Thursday. Look at it from their website. This is severely undervalued.....but won't be for long. Book value is now $2.50/share. PEG is around 0.66.

    • HIMX up $0.18 (6+%) on around 5 times volume today after meeting with investors at the CES in Vegas. Seems the professionals jumped on this ASAP as the meetings just started today and the volume is at least 5 times normal.

      Good to see AXTI hold their gains over $3. They need to provide an improved and bullish outlook and it seems their sector should be growing with both RF and Solar.

      But, I am up over 30% now on HIMX from early November..........(closed at 52 week high today at $2.92). I see HIMX worth at least $1/share more than AXTI............and HIMX pays a dividend of around 50% of their earnings so we should be something around 7.5% this July (once a year dividend payment).

    • nice call on HIMX. sure looks like a winner. for AXTI i still stand on downside being very limited and a return to near book value inevitable once the shorts realize there is a lot better game to be had out there. personally i am playing DSS off the bottom (spotting a trend here?) on their merger in 2013. i think it is a possible double within Q1. best of luck in 2013 with whatever decision you make. DS

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