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  • bartheshort bartheshort Apr 16, 2010 1:00 PM Flag

    Down 5 percent so far...

    On a measly 225000 shares, or 65 thousand dollars. See how easily a thinly traded stock can be manipulated?

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    • So why are you here? Beat it geek!

      • 2 Replies to litfaa
      • Are you suggesting that only longs, or others who have adopted a blind cheerleader mentality, are welcome here?

        Aren't you the group that's always been wrong? The correct answer is yes. Aren't you the fools who invented an alternate truth back in 2006/2007 because you couldn't handle the real truth about orBec's chances with the FDA and got crushed because of it?

        Fact is, the only FACTS relating to orBec and its potential in the marketplace are those derived from NPAP sales in 2009. This was supposed to be the big chance for all the practitioners in the world (led by George McDonald) who've been whining and crying since the FDA non-approved orBec in 2007 to FINALLY begin saving lives by being able to get their hands on this miracle drug through NPAPs. And what happens? The product is ignored. Fact is, we're talking a generic product that's been around 35 years and which is barely more spohisticated than aspirin. And the highly touted dual delivery system is simply an enteric coating which gets the pill through the stomach and into the higher PH envioronment of the small intestine before dissolving. WOW, pretty revolutionary stuff, eh?

        Instead of talking $hit which is all you little pumpers seem to be able to do, try commenting on what's just been reported by the company in the annual report - orBec's collossal failure in 2009.

        Can you do that or would that be too painful for you?

        You also better hope NPAP sales in 2010 are dimensions higher than 2009 because if they aren't this product's fate will be known even before the FDA approves it to go to market, assuming that that even happens.

      • I am here to take over this board.