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  • AZErnie AZErnie Nov 23, 2001 1:40 PM Flag

    A few words of conciliation.

    To those who post and read on this board. We are principally bound by one theme, our common attachment to Elan. As such, we may be diverse in all other things, including our investment styles. Long term, day trading, shorting, calls, puts, they are all legitimate methods of making money and we should respect them all.
    We need to reserve our contempt for those who seek to influence potential or current investors by posting missinformation, lies or distortions.
    Our friends here, are the friends of Elan, our common enemies are those opposed to Elan.
    We should respect all sincere opinions from our fellows, whether positive or not, so long as it is sincere and attempts the truth.
    To our detractors we can show our contempt, but posting bad news is no vice, so long as it is a sincere attempt to inform truthfully.
    We have a constant need for news, good or bad, its principal quality must be accuracy. We should welcome all that meets this test.
    Next time you are inclined to react to a post that seems to criticize Elan, reflect on the post and the truth it may contain, or not. Then proceed with your commentary.
    Thanks to the many Elan posters who contribute so significantly to the quality of this board.

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    • Nice post. ELN is a great trading stock because it has been so volitile.

      I hold 2000 shares "LONG" as a long term investment and frequently "TRADE" with 500 shares. The "base" just sits there, because I believe in the long term prospects of ELN, AND I am willing to sit on the trading shares if I pick the wrong entrance price. My willingness to hold has made me a lot of money, percentage wise, on the "trading shares"

      Traders, per se, are not negative on's just a volitile stock on which money can be made with the backstop of a great long term hold.

      I hold doubles and triples on ELN with the old stuff, but am very happy to make 10%-20% on short term trades. If it pops in a hurry, I sell the traders. If not, I hold. It's only 500 to 1000 shares at a pop, but I love the dips because so much (percentage wise) can be made on the short term trades (compared to the long term down risk). The holding is done in my taxable account and the trading is done in my IRA. I have yet to have a trading loss, and my long holds are among the best of my holds.

      Long live ELN. The long future looks great to me, and the trading is highly profitable if one watches the moves carefully enough. I am a long supporter of ELN, yet I trade a few shares frequently. The trading does not make me a bad guy.

      Shorts are also fine with me, as they have to cover someday. My long shares will take the hit on paper only while I pocket cash on the volitility of the trading shares. Eventually, IMO, the long shares will do very well as Elan, IMO, has its act together. In the meantime, the cash profits from trading are lots of fun.

      Yup, we had a bunch of selling recently on no public bad news. The intensity of the selling with no rational public explanation had me buying the "traders" just above 40. Making about 10% (net of commission and spread) in 10 days in a tax deferred account is fine with me.

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      • Dar200 - Great post! I hold ELN shares long in a taxable account and have never used them for trading purposes. Your post has me wondering if I should, since I�ve watched ELN price movement for two years. On the other hand, I do use my tax-deferred account for trading. I enjoy buying 1000 shares of lower priced shares with an objective of getting a point or two and selling (Cisco is my favorite). I�m trading auto supply companies now, because they are usually the first to recover after a down cycle. They have been very good to me recently. Trading these stocks doesn�t make me a bad lady at all. I�m in this game to make money! I�m with a full-service firm, and I am able to get free research if I maintain a certain balance. Their research department is out of this world. In addition, I�ve negotiated a flat $50 trading commission. Reading the daily research papers gives me good insight on the market and provides me with great stock picks.

        GO GO ELN

        BJ 45