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  • buyonpanic buyonpanic Feb 4, 2002 12:20 PM Flag

    Isn't this such a great buy???!!!!

    LOL...ernie, fred et guys are looking pretty stupid right now to never have even raisied a single concern.

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    • doesn't mean time to buy. however, if you believe in the product, business model, management and their future, there is no better time to invest.

      ELN has gone from $43-35 to now $16-17. folks, they made a profit and will continue to do so. they do not carry a world of debts and they will not in the future. just about every bad news has been priced in and then some by the short sellers who are loving the Enron affair.

      Elan may not make you $$$$ overnight. however, this recent selling is a bit overdone. prices should stabilize over the next few weeks. when all the accusations are said and done, you still have a drug company that is profitable. the same idiots who expect ELN to make $2.3 billion in revenues, well, let them find another company that will do that. the hopeless folks at CSFB, ML, PRU etc... well, they have their money parked in AMZN, PCLN, CSCO, LU etc... and tell me that any one of these companies are making money?

      price fluctuations can give all of us a heart burn. ELN has over a billion in cash. when cooler head prevail, ELN should be well above $20 and then some. in time, shorts will have to cover. and i won't.

      Buy at $16.5

    • This is the best buy possible. If Antegren works and AN 1792 watch out skies the limit. Remember it wasn't long ago stock was sitting at 65. Jump in now for the best ride of your life