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  • thanksforthescrewing thanksforthescrewing Aug 27, 2002 12:35 PM Flag


    Too much speculation about a takeover right now. Company has too much debt and still undergoing SEC investigation. Remember when DYN was going to buy out some of ENE assets but backed out? I don't think anyone is going to buy out ELN until the SEC investigation is over and their debt is pared down considerably.
    Who wants all these headaches at this point in time?

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    • All Good points...
      I hope personally that a buyout doesn't come for months, until after ELN has a 10 point rise , at least..

    • Kid.

      Got in on CRY when it was oversold last week at 1.80. Sold it off at 3.24 5 days later. CRY has potential but is still very risky at the 3 level and will play between 2.50 and 3:10 for a few more weeks.


    • Yes down the road the Kid will buy some.

    • You snooze you lose!

    • I agree.. no takeover.., at least not a friendly one. mostly cuz I don't see why they should sell at anything less than 40 bucks a share. I dont' think ELN wants to be bought out. IF there is a take over, it won't be friendly.. IMHO

    • KEWL! As regards, CRY...I own alot. Got in at about a buck seventy/share. But at anything under $10/share the price is unreal. This is blown WAY out of proportion.

      The apes at the FDA are just chest beating cuz they see a transplantation industry developing worth hundreds of billions a year and they CAN'T STAND not having complete and total control over it. Someone at CRY pissed them off, and the FDA decided to show some muscle.

      But heres the reality: First, you can't sterilze transplanted tissue without comprimising function and whats worse, making it even more immunogenic. So the FDA is being nonsensical here (surprise, surprise). Secondly, in over 50,000 transplants, there is no greater incidence of infection in CRY transplant surgury over general surgury. Further, when there IS an infection, its almost impossible to know if the infection was caused by a dirty transplant, a sloppy surgeon, or recovery nurse. Infection is a COMMON post-op complication, and happily, very treatable. The telling point here is that the FDA didn't stop or recall the heart valves cuz they KNOW they'd kill people if they did and its pointless. The valves work great, the infection rate is small, and infections are easily treated.

      FINALLY, CRY has also developed a surgical glue, the IP for which, ALONE makes this a $15 stock.

      Hope that answers your question!

    • Those who are expecting a takeover soon should consider the following points:

      1. The SEC investigation creates a lot of uncertainty. If Elan management expects a favorable outcome, they will wait until after the conclusion of the investigation, when they can get a higher price for the company.

      2. A company spokesman (I forgot who) denied rumors of a takeover just a couple of days ago. If they were in negotiations, he would have just said "no comment".

      3. If they are planning a Dutch auction of the LYONS (a good idea, I think), they would want to do the auction before entering into serious takeover negotiations. They will get a higher price for ELN stock if they can retire some debt at a discount. After a takeover, there would be no discount. Also, they can't do the Dutch auction while negotiating a takeover; they would be sued for fraud by the LYONS holders, who would believe they were cheated.

      4. They will be able to buy back stock, starting in November. They could buy back stock at pre-takeover prices, thereby increasing the per share amount that the remaining shareholderes would receive in a buyout.

      I would be very surprised to see a takeover within the next two months.


    • It is volatile but a friend of the family who is a retired fund manager and still quite active in the investing world likes it a lot. Other members of my family have significant stakes here. I have not had a chance to do research yet but it looks interesting.

    • Yes buddy The Kid owns it! btw whats your take on CRY.

      The Kid

    • Thank you Richard.

      The Kid

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