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  • stockman0071234 stockman0071234 Sep 12, 2002 9:39 AM Flag

    This is a good post: Read below:

    Im sure most of the recent "down to earth" posters have never worked in the pharmaceutical or biotech arena, which I feel is critical for having a clear understanding of Elans intrinsic value. Despite the decreasing revenues/profits the firm will report over the next year as they pay off debt they still have science (technology, patents, expertise, FDA approved manufacturing facilities, et al) and a market presence (They have been in business for 10 years and will still have products on the market..this is not a telecom company boys!) that is hard to place a valuation on. Further, you must look at the number of drugs that the company has in Phase III clinicals in comparison to other biotech companies.Elan has more than, HGSI which is trading 4to5 times higer (albeit they have a strong cash position). My point is that you have to place a valuation on their pipeline and IMO it is considerably more than what we are currently trading.
    WHY YOU WANT TO OWN THIS STOCK SHORT TERM: In addition to the intrinsic valuation reasons cited above, there will be various positive news events (Sec completion, Antergen results, new CEO, asset sales) which will move this stock up from these levels. And yes I too think that Elan will probably be bought out after Sec clearance sometime next year. Regards JT

    PS Yes I have prior pharmaceutical experience and Fred please dont call me a twit lol.

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